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How to avoid getting ripped off when you hire a painter

Painter Hiring Tips


So, you’ve got the paint colors picked out, your kids are getting excited about the new colors on the walls, and you have an appointment with a local painting company at your house next week. Before you get too ahead of yourself and start prepping the kids and other rooms in your home for a fresh coat of paint, let’s talk about how to avoid getting ripped off when hiring a painter.

Contractor license

It is the painter’s duty to state if he is licensed or not when you are paying him for repainting. You can easily check this on his website or by calling up your local contractor licensing bureau if you want to. If the painter is available outside the state, make sure that he has a state license at least so that your property remains secure if anything happens while repainting. Also, make sure they use renowned paint products. For quality paint, buy Dulux Paints at Mitre 10.

You wouldn’t think one license would make such a difference, but it does. If the painting contractor you have selected for your home improvement project is not licensed, you are putting yourself in legal jeopardy.


If you are looking to hire contractors that will take care of service on your home, then you probably don’t have the expertise to know if they will do good work. It’s better to get at least two references and talk with those people directly, not just on the phone but in person. And talk with these folks and ask very detailed questions of each reference. The answers you’ll get from them will be the most honest and accurate of all the sources you’ll use to pick a painter.

Knowledge and expertise

Many factors are at play when you are deciding to paint your home. Are you just tired of the old paint color? Do you need a change to freshen up your home? Or are you remodeling and re-painting? Whatever the case may be, it is best to ensure that the company you hire has a solid business background and experience in the area of house painting.

Painting Contractors estimate that it can take up to three weeks to complete an exterior paint job, but notes that time can fluctuate depending on your home’s exterior’s weather and condition. More factors such as complexity, amount of trim work, and outdoor obstacles will increase a project’s length.


While you’re at it, make sure to compare the square footage of the paintable area in the estimate you received from your painter and the general estimated square footage of your house online. You can easily see that there is a good chance that each bid might have come up with a different paint cost.

Don’t just go with the company that is the cheapest. You may consider getting more bids to make sure you aren’t hiring someone low-cost who may paint a poor-quality job.


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