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How to Add Thumbnails to Google Chrome Browser Homepage

How to Add Thumbnails to Google Chrome Homepage


When you browse and scroll down to many websites gives lots of information and knowledge which is indeed good. but the point is that there are soo many websites on the internet but we only need to work on some of the important sites and we only want to depend on some of the sites but typing the name of the site every time on the Google search bar is quite difficult but instead of just by clicking on the icon launch the site is easy.

Numerous people use the google chrome browser because this browser is most credible and valid which is so understandable to use.  And google chrome browser offers another amazing feature to them because writing the name of the website, again and again, is quite hectic but with the feature of google chrome, you can effortlessly open your preferred website by adding the website to your Google Chrome browser’s home screen just by using thumbnail.

Advantage of Adding Website Icon on the Home Screen

The thumbnail of a certain website is some kind of shortcut or easy access to your reliable site. Thumbnail makes your job easier and typing the same thing over and over again website is a waste of your time and a lot of hard work. But with the use of Thumbnails, your task becomes easier and with just one click you reach your favorite website. I also have a Chromebook and very good experience of browsing on it. 

You will find the list of icons of chrome thumbnails on a new page. And when you desire to get access to your favorite website just visit the new page of your browser and you will find all your favorite websites enlisted there. According to the history of your browser website would be enlisted. Suppose if you visit a website many times then it would be enlisted to your google chrome browser thumbnail.

 So if you need to get a thumbnail on the home screen of your google chrome browser.


Process of Adding a Thumbnail to the Home Screen

  • Launch your google chrome browser on your laptop.
  • You will need to find the “click more” option on the just top right corner of your screen and here you need to choose the “more tools” just by clicking on it.
  • Here you should press the button to clear the data.
  • You will see another option which would select the time range, you need to select all time options.
  • Search the boxes on the side of your browser history.
  • Here you need to go for downloading your history, sites data, and cookies further you need cached photos and documents.
  • Just press on the”clear data box”
  • Here you need to restart your browser.
  • By launching a new tab
  • Enter the name of your favorite site which you want to enlist and add a thumbnail.
  • Click on the Enter
  • After the burden of the website, you need to restart the chrome browser. And the website would be directly and automatically added as a thumbnail.


Another Method of Adding Thumbnail Manually to the Screen

  • There is a second way of adding the website thumbnail to the wall screen.
  • You just need to press on the google chrome installed on your PC
  • Select the button to add a shortcut and thumbnail list at a time.
  • Enter the exact name of the website and the URL of the website you desire to add to the thumbnails.
  • In the end, you all need to click on the button “done” you are all done to go


Adding site Thumbnail on Mobile Phone

So do you desire to add the thumbnails on The wall screen of your mobile phone you can simply add it just you need to restart your mobile-first? Then you should clear the data and search history of the browser on your cell. Restart your browser and add the website.

But you also need to keep in mind that Your thumbnail list changes over time. And it now depends on which websites you visit or which site you visit the most.

Hopefully, this article would help you enough to get your task.

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