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How Much Money Do Twitch Streamers Make?


Back in the early 2000s had you told guys to play games and make money, definitely, the folks would have taken you as a goof. They might have even suggested you see a psychiatrist. But, thanks to the change of time, things have changed really and you can tell people such things pretty confidently. Yes, there are video games out there that pay you while you play them, and it’s pretty serious.

Just like other pro sportsmen, some eSports players are well at home playing such video games that pay them a serious amount of money. As a result of this trend, a host of such nontraditional sportsmen have sprung up on the horizon who are making a good chunk of money simply playing such video games.

It hasn’t been that long that playing video games on different platforms such as Twitch and YouTube has gathered a massive momentum where E-Sportsmen have shown their great skill playing these games and making a good chunk of earning as their primary means of earning. According to a fair estimate, the top 10 biggest Twitch streamers are making money in five figures every month. This helps them monetize their availability online. In this article, we’re going to analyze to see how much these e-sportsmen are making per month and if gaming online is going to be a sustainable source of earning in 2020.

How Do the Twitchers Make Money?

If you are a newbie in this arena and know nothing about the concept of streaming, you have every reason to doubt getting paid for simply playing games online.

Two Major Streams of Earning:

To begin with, there are two major streams for streamers through which they can make money. The first part of their earning comes from satisfied customers who love to watch these e-sportsmen play such video games. These customers have to subscribe to enjoy watching these games. Different packages might grant them access to multiple streamers and post exclusive stickers to be used in the chat box. Such subscribers have to pay every month. The other way to earn money is through donations. Yes, some customers support these non-traditional sportsmen by sending them donations. Such donations are paid in digital currencies such as bitcoins. Thus, earning a 500 bit donation means you got $ 5 donation.

Irrespective of subscription and donation money, there is another option with the Twitch gamers to make serious money. That option is that of advertisement money. Thanks to a great viewership, the eSportsmen are paid per 1.00 as views. The ads are usually shown up before or after the stream. The ads may run up to 30 seconds randomly during the game anytime.

Is Serious Money Possible Through Such Games?

Thanks to the media’s non-credibility, it is hard to believe that Twitch streamers are making a good chunk of money every month on a regular bases due to heavy viewership. But in fact, Twitch streamers are indeed making as much money as any other freelancer on the internet which means it’s a pretty serious and stable job just like any other type of entertainment. You can also check this Twitch earning calculator.

As per our estimate, there are Twitch streamers who are making five figures earning every month playing video games via subscription money. Price per subscription is $4.99 and half of this money goes to the actual streamer. This fee seems to be pretty small one but if you have subscriptions in thousands such as Disguised Toast, you can do these little maths to find out how much these streamers are making from subscription alone.

Now if you add the money these streamers make from donations, you have every convincing reason to believe that these streamers are making almost 6 figures earning annually. According to a Reuters report published in 2019, EA Sports paid Tyler “Ninja” Belvins $ 1 million to play their latest game Apex Legends on his stream. It’s neither subscription fee nor donation fee. It means the money he is going to make from subscriptions plus donations is like a cherry on the top.

To be honest, we are not supposed to discuss someone’s abilities to make money but our analysis has proved that some of these e-sportsmen are living a millionaire lifestyle. Interestingly, they are doing nothing but just enjoying their hobby and making money along with a running commentary which is a great profession as they enjoy what they do.

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