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How Many Miles Do Brakes Last?

Brake Pad Guide


Your brake system uses friction pads to safely slow and stop your vehicle. Because of the extreme friction in this system, brake pads and shoes are common wear items on all vehicles. If you’re concerned about how much do brakes cost, then it’s time to learn more about proper brake pad maintenance. Explore the expected lifetime of your brakes and tips on improving their longevity today.

Typically, brakes need to be replaced every 25,000 to 65,000 miles. Most brake pads last about 50,000, but this deepens on a number of driving factors. Some pads can last up to 80,000 with proper use. Explore the top ways to ensure brake pad longevity to see how you can get more out of these common wear items.

How To Ensure Your Brake Pad Longevity

Heavy braking is the leading cause of early brake wear. Heavy braking can include a number of braking situations that many drivers fall into. One is speeding. If you’re driving faster than the speed limit and have to come to a complete stop quickly, you’re causing exponentially more wear on your brakes. Try to slow down and drive the speed limit to reduce wear on your brake pads.

Another way to reduce wear is to coast more. As long as the weather and traffic conditions allow it, try slowing down more gradually and naturally. Remove your foot from the accelerator, without hitting the brakes, to gradually slow down without any wear on your brakes.

A weighted down vehicle has more inertia, which means more wear on your brakes. If you’re carrying around excess weight, it’s a good idea to remove those items to keep your vehicle light and your brake pads lasting longer. This is a common issue with trucks. All that empty bed space makes it tempting to throw a few large items in there are as you drive around, but this can result in more brake pad maintenance.

Finally, your brake pads aren’t the only maintenance item in your braking system. Flush your brake fluid at least every two years to keep it maintained. Contaminated brake fluid attracts moisture. Too much water content in this fluid can result in boiling fluid at high temperatures, which decreases the efficiency of the entire system. Shop for brake fluid and brake pads online to perform these simple DIY tasks in your garage.

How To Choose Best Performance Brake Pads

Invest in quality brake pads to increase the lifespan of your braking system. High-quality pads not only improve your stopping power but also extend their lifetime. Compare ceramic pads with other styles to see how they rate. If you’re not sure what type of pads are best for your driving situation, ask a local customer service representative or check out online customer reviews.

Online shopping makes it easy to match pads to your make, model and year of the vehicle. Check out leading AutoZone coupons to save money and enjoy convenient shipping rates. Whether you’re swapping out all four pads or performing a front-end brake maintenance service, reliable pads help you get more out of your DIY project.

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