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How Long does Venography Take?

How Long does Venography Take?



Venography also called a venogram, is an X-ray examination, which is performed to study the health of your veins, in most cases the veins of the legs. Generally, doctors will not be able to see the veins in the normal X-ray. Hence, venography is taken to check the patient’s vein.

In case you want to do venography, you can head to the best neurology hospital in Bangalore. Before you know how long it takes for a venography exam, let’s understand what this procedure is all about.

What do you need to do for the procedure?

Before performing venography, the doctor will instruct you not to wear any jewelry. Additionally, you must not eat or drink for many hours. If you do the above, it won’t be easy to take the procedure further. And only the best neurology hospital in Bangalore will give these kinds of instructions.

Additionally, it is better that you don’t hide your medical history or any illnesses so that your doctor will not recommend otherwise. If you are pregnant, it is better to inform the x-ray technologist because maximum radiation from the imaging tests can affect the fetus. On the day of the procedure, the doctor might advise you to drink clear liquids.

How does the X-ray technologist perform this procedure?

X-rays allow passing through particular objects because they are a form of radiation such as light or radio waves. So, what happens when your body is examined with an X-ray? Small radiations are passed through the body, which can be seen with a special detector or photographic film.

Each of your body parts absorbs different degrees of radiation. When you check in the X-ray, your bones appear white, whereas your soft tissues appear grey. The X-ray technologist or your physician performs venography in the hospital’s X-ray department.

What does your physician do then? Your physician will inject your vein with iodine-based contrast material. Further, you will be examined as soon as the contrast material flows through your veins, which makes it easy for your X-ray technologist to take various X-ray images at multiple angles to identify the problem in your veins.

What happens during and after your procedure?

When the iodine-based contrast material is injected, you might feel a slight pinch and maybe even a little numbness due to the local anesthetic properties of the injection. You might also feel very warm, but you can be sure that it will pass quickly. You might feel like falling asleep or maybe feel a metallic taste in your mouth.

The X-ray technologist will advise you to be still and breathe for several seconds to take the proper X-ray image. After completing the X-ray examination, the X-ray technologist will ask you to wait until all the necessary imaging is acquired. So, now you will be wondering how long it takes for the X-ray technologist to take venography?

The procedure takes at least 30 to 90 minutes. After the procedure, the X-ray technologist will insert fluids through your IV to remove the iodine-based contrast material. On the following day of your procedure, the X-ray technologist will advise you to drink many fluids.

You will also be observed for signs and symptoms of bleeding after getting injected or any allergy and infection. Also, the X-ray technologist will ask you to do a follow-up if necessary. With all the instructions to follow for venography or a venogram, the best neurology hospital in Bangalore will undoubtedly give you the best advice.


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