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How Important Are Wetsuits For Surfing?

Wetsuits For Surfing


Wetsuits for surfing are designed to keep a person warm in the water. While surfing or swimming, a person is at risk of being cut by flailing around in the water. This could cause a gas or even a severe injury. To avoid these problems, a surfer will wear a wetsuit. The wetsuit protects the body from cuts, bruises, burns, etc.

A surfing wetsuit is basically a wet suit worn to give protection from the cold while surfing. It’s typically made from foamed polyurethane and is normally worn by surfers, swimmers, divers, surf boarders, kayakers, and others involved in water sports. These suits are also used in the sports of beach volleyball and beach football. They are a great way to stay warm on those colder days.

The Best Surfing Wetsuit

When looking for the best surfing wetsuit, it must be a snug fit. Surfing requires you to be very flexible, as your movements are quite erratic. Thus, you have to make sure that the wetsuit fits you well. Most surf shops offer a test to let you know if the suit fits you properly. In this way, you can get the best surfing experience.

You Should Consider

Another thing that you should consider is material. There are two kinds of wetsuits available – those made with polyurethane, which is lightweight, easy to maintain, and comfortable, and those made with neoprene. Both come in a variety of colors, but most surfers prefer dark colors, like black, navy, gray, brown, etc. The lighter colors absorb the sun’s heat and do not make you feel cold when you are paddling. The heavier, warmer suits make sure that you get the maximum heat from your board and are great for making sure that you do not go hungry while surfing.

Split Or Full-Length Wetsuits

The fit is also very important for surfing. It does not matter if you wear split or full-length wetsuits. The only thing that matters is that it fits right. Surfers who wear inappropriately sized suits will not get the kind of support and comfort that they need from their water sports attire. If you have recently taken up surfing, make sure that the company that you are buying your gear from has professional fit guys who measure you for their suits.

Most people who surf would say that there is no need to purchase the best wetsuits for surfing. After all, they would be able to get the warmth that they need from their surfing activities. However, professional surfers know better. They would not want to risk their lives just so they could get a few more yards of wind on their boards. For them, it is necessary to have the best wetsuits for surfing so that they can give their best when the time comes to go surfing. Many features are available with these wetsuits for surfers.

Ability To Allow Moisture

One of the most essential features that you should look for in the best surfing wetsuit is the ability to allow moisture to pass through it so that your skin is protected when you surf. The best wetsuits for surfers are designed to be able to resist the intense heat that occurs while surfing. One of the most common complaints among surfers is that they cannot feel their arms or legs because of the extreme heat. The Henderson thermopane wetsuit, which is often used by professional surfers in tournaments, has been designed with advanced technology to resist heat. The fabric that it is made to allow your skin to breathe and you will not feel your arms or legs getting very cold.

Another benefit of using the Henderson material is that it is very breathable. This is another reason why some of the best wetsuits for surfing come from this brand. They have taken great care to make a wetsuit that is very breathable and yet strong so that you can still perform your best when it comes to surfing. These wetsuits are known for being very durable and lightweight so that even when you are down in the water, you will not feel like you are carrying around a heavy load.


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