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How Does Infrared Heat Work on Pain

Near-infrared Light Therapy


Chronic pain can severely influence a person’s day-to-day activities and make them miserable. However, technology has been developed a lot to allow them to cope with their condition and lead a normal life.

Near-infrared light therapy has been an excellent means of therapy to help people with chronic pain. It can penetrate deeper into the upper skin layers and reach muscles and bones. Reaching there, these light wavelengths influence the repairing ability of body cells and help patients relieve pain.

Let’s discuss how infrared heat works on pain in detail right below.

Infrared Light Therapy for Pain

Infrared lights are invisible to human eyes. This light spectrum consists of 700 nm – 1mm light wavelengths which are bigger than visible light. Therefore these wavelengths can go deeper into the human body and provide significant health benefits.

With infrared light therapy, several kinds of pain can be addressed. From arthritis pain to lower back pain, this therapy can address all of them and help users relieve them as soon as the therapy starts.

Here are the benefits one can receive when using infrared light therapy for pain:

Healing Damaged Cells

Most pain is caused by damaged cells in muscles, bones, and joints. Arthritis patients can also experience tremendous pain due to nerve cell damage. To reduce such pain, triggering rapid cell healing can significantly help.

In near-infrared light therapy, light wavelengths can go deeper into the skin and reach these damaged cells. Upon reaching there, they deliver light energy to damaged cells’ mitochondria.

Mitochondria is the powerhouse of a cell. With additional energy, mitochondria trigger several necessary cellular processes to help in repairing damaged cells. When these damaged cells are repaired, they can effectively replicate healthy growth to make up for other damaged cells in the area that are unrepairable.

With effective repairing and replicating of damaged cells, patients can manage their pain and even get rid of them.

Increasing Metabolism

In addition to repairing damaged cells, infrared wavelengths influence the metabolism of cells. Due to increased metabolism, patients’ whole bodies can get rejuvenated.

Better metabolism helps the blood flow to reach all over the body. Better blood flow can deliver oxygen and other necessary nutrients to the body. Thus, during the cell repairing process, the damaged cells will receive all the necessary elements to repair themselves efficiently.

Reduce Inflammation and Bruising

Increased metabolism also increases the body temperature, giving an ambient condition for cells to nurture. In addition, most harmful bacteria cannot survive the increased body temperature. Thus the body can shield itself from getting infected and inflamed.

As infections and inflammation can be reduced with the help of infrared therapy, the user will get instant relief from pain and can avoid further damage.

Also, due to damage to the blood vessels, patients may experience bruising and severe pain. Infrared heat can help in this manner as well. With added heat, the clotted blood in the bruised area gets loosened, and the muscles get relaxed. Therefore, one can effectively get rid of pain when infrared heat is applied.

Increase Hormone Sensitivity

There are several hormones stored in the human body to help its defense mechanism. However, as a human grows older, the glands lose their sensitivity and become weaker.

Infrared wavelengths can increase the sensitivity of these hormonal glands. Some glands may increase their sensitivity due to light exposure, and some activate due to heat. Near-infrared wavelengths can offer both these benefits at the same time.

In addition to carrying light energy, infrared wavelengths also heat up the body. Therefore, several pain relieving hormones can generate within the human body and help them reduce pain.

Arthritis patients can significantly benefit from infrared therapy. Several hormones that help in producing neuropathic signals experience a significant activity boost in the presence of infrared wavelengths. Therefore, patients will feel less pain, and the nerve cells can start repairing themselves to help the patient to lead a regular day-to-day life.

Side-effect Free, Non-invasive Treatment

Light wavelengths are completely natural and non-invasive means of treatment. Natural light may contain UV rays that can harm the skin and cause cancer. However, light therapy has a significantly less chance of developing any side effects.

LED light bulbs are used in light therapy devices to emit specific light wavelengths. Therefore, only specific therapeutic wavelengths are produced through these devices. Also, infrared light wavelengths are completely harmless and do not require any drastic measures to get this therapy.

However, some patients may develop temporary redness and burn in rare cases due to super light-sensitive skin. Thus, it is highly recommended to consult a healthcare professional before getting infrared light therapy.

Bottom Line

As technology progresses, many incredible therapeutic procedures have been introduced to mankind. However, light therapy has gained a huge amount of attention due to its widespread benefits.

With the help of specific infrared light wavelengths, it is now possible to help patients with chronic pain. Thus, they can lead a normal life and stay healthy for long. If you are suffering from pain or know someone having these exact problems, an infrared light therapy device can be an exceptional gift for yourself and your loved ones.


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