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How do Sports-loving Business People Choose Smart Bracelets?

Smart Bracelets for Sports-loving Business people


As a wearable electronic product, the smart bracelet is not just a tool for monitoring exercise. Most of the time it acts as an ornament. So how can business people choose smart bracelets to guide their health and taste? This HONOR Band 5 review tells you the results.

Successful business people stress efficiency and science in doing things. HONOR Band 5 can help realize it. It is a qualified health tracker, which can make sports and health more scientific and intelligent. It can provide nine sports tracking services. Including cross training, rowing, running, walking, etc.

Not only can monitor the data during exercise in real time, but also can realize continuous heart rate monitoring. So consumers can adjust the speed in real time according to it. It can provide users with a complete running plan. And it helps users make more in-depth exercise plans.

HONOR Band 5

At the same time, HONOR Band 5 can be the user’s personal swimming coach. It has a waterproof capacity of up to 50M. It can track the time at any time, whether in shower or swimming pool. What’s more, it features with six-axis sensors. That can identify four main swimming styles: including freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. And can accurately record the speed, distance, calories, scores and other conditions during swimming. Making the exercise more data-based and clearer.

In addition, HONOR Band 5 can track the blood oxygen saturation level. Allowing users to evaluate how the body adapts during exercise or at high altitudes. Let the exerciser understand the important role of breathing in exercise. Then adjust breathing in real time to better complete exercise.

Smart Bracelets

Exercise Monitoring

Exercise monitoring is the basic function of intelligent bracelets. If this HONOR Band 5 cannot impress you, then powerful sleep monitoring will make you fondle. HONOR Band 5 uses Trusleep to analyze sleep quality in real time. So users can see the sleep situation last night as soon as they sleep. In addition, it provides 200 personalized suggestions for users according to their sleep conditions. Then users can adjust their sleep habits in time, thus improving sleep quality. This is necessary for business people who are busy with their work and forget to sleep.

Business people need to attend important business meetings and cocktail parties. At this time, HONOR Band 5 can provide a dial that fits the scene. It depends on the occasion and play the identity of the watch. It’s so sweet.


Through this HONOR Band 5 review, we can see that it is an intelligent bracelet with rich functions. Such as sports, health monitoring and excellent appearance. It is suitable for business people who like sports. Business people can’t be wrong in choosing it.

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