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How Clothing Affects Your Series 7 Test Performance



We’ve all heard of the saying “dress for success”. And while some may understand this quote as something that pertains to looking good in the eyes of others or having a successful career, what you wear on the day of a test can also affect your performance.

Yes, this may sound ridiculous but science has already proven that wearing a particular outfit can affect an individual’s behavior, mood, and most especially their confidence. And such a boost can be beneficial, especially if you’re about to take a difficult exam like the General Securities Representative Exam (Series 7).

Learn more as we’ll talk about how clothing affects your Series 7 test performance in today’s post.

Brief Background

Admit it or not, clothes do affect the way we feel at a particular moment. If you don’t notice this, wearing a gym outfit makes you feel energetic, excited, and physically fit. While on the other hand, wearing a coat and tie makes you feel powerful and confident. Likewise, wearing casual outfits like jeans and t-shirt makes you feel relaxed and friendly. Check out this link to learn how difficult the Series 7 exam.

The bottom line is what we’re wearing can actually impact our thoughts, emotions, and even the way we interact with others. And that’s because clothes affect the way we perceive ourselves even more than how others perceive us – from our attitudes, actions, mood, and our level of confidence.

But can this intriguing fact be applied to influencing yourself to a positive outcome after going through a stressful and pressure-packed activity, like taking a Series 7 exam, for instance?

Experts say YES. And it can all be done through a process called “Enclothed Cognition”.

Enclothed Cognition Defined

Enclothed Cognition is the systematic influence of a specific type of clothing on the psychological process of the wearer. The term was coined by Adam Galinsky and Hajo Adam when they ran experiments about this phenomenon where they found out that what we’re wearing can boost our psychological states, which also improves the way we handle tasks throughout the day. In short, we have the power to select the kind of clothes that will bear the most desirable mindset and improve task-related performance.

But what’s the reason behind this?

Emily VanSonnenberg, a positive psychologist, explains that as human beings we tend to ascribe symbolic meanings to various articles of clothing we are wearing. And as a result, we instinctively trigger a specific mindset based on our subconscious associations with different outfits.

So it follows that if you want to pass the Series 7 exam, you have to wear an outfit that you normally associate with success to have a positive measurable effect.

Moreover, it can also explain why we tend to develop symbolic stereotypes like seeing doctors and lawyers (who wear suits) as intelligent, factual, and precise thinkers or identifying artists (who wear casual clothes) as creative and free-spirited types.

How To Capitalize On Clothes To Have A Passing Test Score In The Series 7 Exam

In order to feel good while taking the Series 7 test, experts say you have to aim for that getup called the “power outfit”, or a pre-prepared clothing ensemble that is comfortable and cheering at the same time. And if you feel good, it can also substantially decrease nervousness, which causes you to perform better for a more desirable outcome.

In addition, a power outfit can also be described as the type of getup that brings confidence and positive vibes to any given situation.

So for important test days like the Series 7, it’s recommended to combine style and comfort to make sure you look good and feel great. Comfort is definitely a crucial factor in your outfit because being uncomfortable can distract you. And wearing something unflattering can make you feel tensed which can lead to poor performance in the exam.

Although choosing a power outfit is based on the personal preference of the wearer, there are key elements that you can incorporate regardless of your style aesthetic and personality.

Here are the things we can suggest to include in your power outfit for your Series 7 test day ensemble:

(What To Wear)

Loose-Fitted Top – Whether you choose an oversized sweater or a loose tank top, it pays to wear clothes that will allow you to move around easily and avoid discomfort. Plus, wearing a loose-fitted top will enable you to endure sitting on a desk for 3 hours and 45 minutes with a smile on your face.

Layers Of Clothes – It pays to prepare for the weather. So we also recommend you wear layered clothing on the day of the exam to provide warmth when it’s cold outside. And if the weather is hot, you can easily remove some of the layers so you’ll be comfortable while taking the exam.

Comfy Shoes – Although you’re sitting for almost 4 hours, wearing an uncomfortable pair of shoes can definitely cause distraction even if you’re not moving around that much. So if you want to ace the Series 7 exam, wear a pair of footwear that won’t cause strain on your feet while taking the test.

Jeans – Jeans are the go-to alternative to dress pants and sweatpants. And what’s great about this article of clothing is you can wear it with any type of dress and it comes in a variety of fits.

(What To Avoid)

Tight Clothing – Wearing tight clothes can restrict your movement. And it will make you feel uncomfortable the longer you sit on the test chair.

Heavy Jewelry – Donning flashy bling-blings may “level up” your look, but not to the extent that you’re already overdoing it. Plus, wearing jewelry might not be distracting to you, but it can be disruptive to other test takers.

New Shoes – Much like wearing jewelry, having new shoes, especially if it’s already pinching your toes is not worth it. Instead, go for a footwear choice that not only adds to your style points but is easy on your feet as well.

Short Shorts – It may be summertime and a great time for wearing shorts. And it does appear like a practical choice to achieve comfort. But trust us when we say you’ll surely regret this decision as you’ll have to repeatedly pull your shorts down during the test.

All in all, just maintain a balance between style and comfort. And make sure your outfit of choice is something that really brings out the best in you on the day of the Series 7 test.

You can also enroll in this Series 7 exam video course if you want to further boost your chances of passing the exam.


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