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Gifts to give and things to do on valentines day

Gifts ideas for valentines day


How far is Valentine’s Day now, you can actually count on your fingers? While it excites us every day that we get closer to a day of complete happiness and love showering on us from every side, we may as well want to think about our presents.

Yes, that’s right, presents for Valentine’s day that you have completely forgotten about while your partner certainly remembers that he or she expects something grand from you. Don’t worry, you still have some days to plan out a bonanza-like gift, and we are here to help you with it.

Even if your valentine lives away and you have to send valentine gifts to Bangalore or say any other place that they live, there are no worries, there are portals that will help you do that, all you have to do is decide the present, decide the budget and place your order.

Here is a list of things that you can incorporate in your Valentine’s day gifts for your loved one, so let’s begin scrolling.

If you are sending gifts or if you are ordering them to yourself so you can give them in person while you are out for lunch or dinner on Valentine’s Day, cake and flower bouquet are the two things that you cannot go without. It’s better if you go bare handed than without a cake and a flower bouquet in your hand. The cakes should be either heart-shaped or in red velvet, chocolate flavor to keep it lovey-dovey. And you know that the flowers have to be red roses.

  • A date

This is going in series now, but the next thing that you should do after you give them the flower bouquet and the cake is to take them for a date. A long drive, a lunch at a fancy restaurant, a movie, meet with friends or something that you enjoy doing together can be the right thing to do, even if it is something that you do on an everyday basis, the luxury is that you have met on Valentine’s day and that you are getting to celebrate the special time together.

  • A greeting card

You may be thinking about what the point of a greeting card is, after all of this? Because you cannot always rely on your presents to say what you want and saying words is very important. It’s how you will be able to describe your emotions and affirm to your loved ones, your feelings for them. Even when you say the three golden words to each other too many times a day, a greeting card on valentine’s day is no harmful.

  • The big present

Now, you may be thinking about what’s the big present and what was the rest of it. Those were aesthetic and personal things that you give, that create the emotional connection, but a present that is of some use is also a must. This is something that will stay because the cake will be eaten and the flowers will dry, what will stay is the present you give here. So you can give a wallet, a book, a shoe, a shopping coupon or a pendant or something of that sort.

  • Good Food

Let’s not forget those who will send gifts to their love on valentine’s day and do not stay in the same city to visit each other. You can send them some food item that is their favorite. While you are at it, you can do a virtual date with your partner lighting candles around yourself, like it would have been if you were together in one place. Keep it a surprise, and video call them right before the delivery man is about to knock so you can see their reaction.

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