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Gift Ideas for Art-Loving Adults



They say language is broad, that it transcends the words we speak. Communication isn’t limited to what we say but also extends to what we do. One superb example is the gesture of giving someone a gift. It makes them feel cherished, like you thought of them and went as far as getting them something just to let them know you were indeed thinking of them. And how precious they are!

However, giving gifts can be difficult for some people. Like getting tongue-tied when using words to communicate, you may also feel pressure when trying to choose the perfect gift to make a gesture. As much as any gift is inherently valuable, the aim is to get something your recipient will appreciate and will absolutely love.

Because art is broad, trying to narrow down your recipient’s tastes might throw you down a rabbit hole of several options. For example, do you get them something from the Renaissance or something a little edgier like abstract painting? Perhaps you’re even considering that alternative art exhibition you’ve heard about from your colleague. Well, how about a custom portrait- directly from photos to portrait paintings. This article highlights some ideas for gifting the art enthusiasts custom portraits that paint your life uniquely.

Personal Portraits Performing a Hobby

Because art encourages creativity, there is almost no limit to the kind of image you will get in the end. A good example is a painting that captures your recipient in the middle of their favorite activity. This adds more context rather than just a seated portrait of them, resulting in unique paintings for life.

For example, if your subject is a ballet dancer, it could be a portrait of them captured in a graceful ballerina pose before the audience. Also, a gift for your dad, who loves fishing, could illustrate him on a lake, enjoying a laidback afternoon of fishing. Creating an image that places them right in the middle of what they love is very sentimental.

Don’t think you have to create an epic image before your gift makes a statement. It all depends on your recipient and the kind of things they like. For example, if your subject enjoys simple things like reading a book or savoring a cup of coffee on the front porch, then you could make these the context of the portrait.

Personal Portraits

The average human being enjoys seeing flattering photographs of themself. Therefore, getting a custom’ photos to portrait paintings’ artwork for your recipient will tastefully flatter them. Depending on your specifications, these portraits can be hung on walls or placed on a desktop.

You can go f the traditional photos to portrait paintings, which elegantly depict subjects seated with regal expressions on their faces. However, you can also choose to add personality to the portrait by adding other expressive poses. However, you don’t have to worry about jeopardizing your surprise because you only need one picture of the subject so that the artist can paint precious paintings for life.

Additionally, unlike photo editing, which may sometimes seem artificial and overly done, customization in art feels whimsical. You can make a few adjustments to the paintings until you get what you really like. You can even add some aspects to the portrait-like, including their pets.

Personal Portraits at Various Locations

Another fantastic idea of custom portraits is painting your subject in various settings and locations. It could be their favorite hangout spot, fancy holiday location, or even a city they enjoyed visiting. Custom portraits like this could show your subject in the paces they grew up to make it very emotional and relatable.

Also under this category is painting specific memories. This involves depicting their fondest memories in art, which requires working closely with the artist to provide all necessary details. You can also make it a collage of different memories that mean something to your recipient or narrate a beautiful story.

Gifts like these are highly sentimental and are also guaranteed conversation starters. Anyone who sees the portrait would be curious about the images depicted, and your gift becomes memorable paintings for life.

Portraits of Other People

Depending on your recipient, a portrait of someone else could be a far better gift than a portrait of themself. This is true of some specific situations where there has been a separation. The portrait then serves as a kind of connection to hold on to despite everything.

For example, in a circumstance where your recipient has just lost a loved one, a portrait of the departed soul will be a very thoughtful gift. Also, in the case of a parent whose child has just left for college, a custom portrait of their child would be a timely gift for them to hand on their wall.

Not to narrow this category down to melancholic situations, a wedding portrait depicting the couple could be an excellent present for the couple’s parents. Pet portraits also fall under this category as most pet owners have strong attachments to their animal companions. Consequently, a custom portrait of their pet may be appreciated.

Customized Items with Their Painted Portraits

Instead of making the portrait the present, why not make it an embellishment for the actual gift? For example, once you have decided the kind of portrait to paint from the options listed above, you could buy another gift and then customize that gift with the portrait.

For example, you could get jewelry like charm bracelets and lockets that have been designed with the recipient’s portrait or that of someone dear to them. You could also get clothing that has their painted portraits printed on them.

Yet another example is customizing the items frequently used during their favorite activity, like their gaming consoles and sports vest. These customized items could be the perfect gifts for your recipient, especially if they are someone who likes to extend their personality to the things they own.


Custom portraits are a sophisticated way of showing your artistically inclined acquaintances that you care about their preferences in addition to cherishing them. The various options of custom portraiture also make it easier to choose choices that align with your gift idea. Additionally, painting from photographs provides secrecy till you’re ready to present your gift.


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