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How to Fix Vizio SmartCast TV Not Working or Not Working Error

How to Fix Vizio Smart Cast TV Not Working


Chromecast technology is so amazing which made your work so easy that is innately fixed in your device by using which you can easily and directly your video or any other material on your smartest  TV. This enables you to watch and enjoy your favorite content on your TV screen.

For unavailability of Vizio smart Cast or it may not work could be for many reasons. Maybe it is not working because your smart cast may have some technical problem and you get restricted and blocked. It could be possible that there is some issue in your network configuration or any glitch in the software.

But anyway whatever the reason for the error is here you encounter several methods to learn that how you can fix yourself issue please check the following methods to get rid of the issue you are facing.

How to Fix Vizio Smart Cast TV Not Available Error or Not Working


Confirmation of Internet Stability

Make sure that your connection if the internet is stable and speedy .and if possible so do the speed test of your internet connection. If you change the router position it may improve your internet speed. and you may pass the router and connect your modem directly to your Vizio smart cast.


You Can go for another Network

As above I mentioned a solution to your problem and you applied it but couldn’t work so don’t you worry there is another solution for the issue that you should change your internet network and you may use the internet from your cell by connecting to hotspot.  This solution is just to conclude that there may have been an issue in ISP. By utilizing another ISP may let you know that the problem is with your network or not.


Perform a Power Cycle

  • If your restart the devices may b your issue get resolved.
  • Take start by switching off your TV, router, and modem.
  • You need to unplug all the gadgets and you should wait for at least 2 minutes.
  • After two or three minutes wait plug in the modem back and wait for few minutes until it’s got fully connected to the modem.
  • Similarly, plug in your router
  • And your tv too.
  • Turn them on and check out that the error is removed or not.


Error in DHCP Settings

If all the above-mentioned solutions and techniques do not work then you need to check out the setting of your DHCP. If your see that there is a difference in the up address of your all devices so you may consider that error is detected.

  • Your Vizio smart cast should be turned off.
  • Launched your PC’s browser and enter the URL of your router
  • You will have a username and password, login in by using them.
  • Visit setting and check out for DHCP settings here.
  • Make sure that is enabled, if it is not enabled so tap on it and make it able(enable)
  • If it enables so press on it and disable it by clicking again on it, enable it back.
  • Then click on the save and changes would get saved.
  • Then close this page and switch on your TV not it may work.


Reset your SmartCast TV

  • To rest all the settings of your smartest, you need to open the menu and press on the system
  • And visit the reset and & admin here you need to click on the reset.
  • But you can reset the system by utilizing the buttons of your TV just press both buttons, volume, and input for a long while until a bar appears on the screen
  • Then just press on the button of input for about 5 seconds and your TV would get switched off.
  • Then switch on your SmartCast TV and fulfill all the procedure which happens after resetting it

I hope all the above-mentioned methods helped you out. Let us know in the comment section which method is more reliable for you

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