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Fix Crawl Space Water Damage Issue with Encapsulation

Crawl Space Water Damage Issue Fix


Water damage in the crawl space is a big concern of every homeowner, and a quick fix is available in the form of crawl space encapsulation. Today, you must know why to opt for this solution and what exactly it is.

Understand Encapsulation

It is a process of sealing every square foot of your space. High-quality and durable air-tight water barrier sheets are used to seal the area. A heavy-duty polyethylene barrier is used to cover the Floor, foundation wall, or sometimes ceiling of your crawl space. Sealing tape connects barrier pieces with space. After the sealing process completes, you need regular moisture and temperature level of crawl space with a dehumidifier.

Reasons for Hiring Encapsulation Contractors

More than 50 percent of your home air circulates from crawl space to other areas of your home. If you want to keep your home a healthy place to breathe in, then you should hire Crawl space encapsulation contractors in Charleston

The appearance of mold and mildew growth is another reason. When you notice a jam door and window in your upstairs area, you should understand that the problem is hidden in your crawl space. Other reasons for seeking this service are wet insulation, reducing energy cost, musty smell inside the home, and pest infestation

Advantages of Getting your Crawl Space Encapsulated

Here are some benefits that make crawl space encapsulation a good fix for water-related issues.

  • Air Quality improvement: Once space is sealed, it will circulate clean air throughout your home. You can breathe in a healthy environment – no need to show health concern and remain worried about your newborn baby. 
  • Prevent Pest Infestation: Many pests and insects require moisture for survival. Dark and damp crawl space becomes their sweet home when left untreated. Crawl space encapsulation eliminates insect infestation and saves you from significant damage to your home structure.
  • Reduce Medical Bills: When crawl space has mold and mildew growth, your home environment becomes unhealthy, and you need to pay medical bills. Once space is encapsulated, it becomes healthier, thereby reducing your medical expenses.  
  • Reduce Energy bills: Excess moisture in your space requires heating and cooling units to work overtime, thereby increasing energy costs. Once space is sealed, both units don’t have to fight with dampness. They will work less and keep your home energy-efficient. 
  • Make Floor comfortable: You can control the temperature of your hardwood and tile floor through encapsulation. They become comfortable to walk on, even during winter. You won’t have to feel too much humidity in the summer month, so your home becomes super comfortable.
  • Prevent Structural damage: Your home foundation stability depends on the moisture level of the crawl space. As encapsulation prevents dampness, foundation soil won’t get affected by it. Low moisture retention makes your foundation more stable for the years to come.

In simple words, you can prevent water damage by hiring encapsulation contractors in charleston. This service will prevent structural damage and offer you peace of mind that there won’t be any pest infestation in your crawl space.

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