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Fashion Advisory: 7 Office Look For The Women



Pulling off a perfect office look is one of the hardest things a woman has to do. Unfortunately, unlike men, the ladies have to meet the deadlines and look “office appropriate,” which can be exhausting. Office attire needs a lot of effort because you don’t want to end up as someone who is not taken seriously at work because of their fashion sense. It’s not that working women have time to give their two cents on what people think about their outfits. However, if you want to make a statement at your workplace and create an aura of confidence around you, then you’ve come to the right place. It’s time to dress for success and find the right balance between casual and professional styles with our following office outfit ideas:

1. Rock your blazer game to work:

Blazers are classy, sleek, confident, and chic. You can’t go wrong with a blazer at work, but only if you know which elements to work it with. For instance, tailored blazers with statement shoes and wide pants are a staple in business casual fashion. What’s in this season? Sleeveless plaid and check blazers paired with sleek dress pants and oxford mules. You can rock any stylish office look with a blazer, even if it’s paired with tank tops, jeans, leather jackets, oversized knitwear, and more.

2. Make midi dresses your best friend:

Midi dresses are a showstopper when it comes to office looks. They offer a perfect blend of a laid-back yet professional vibe topped with style. Midi dresses fall into the business casual look category, offering figure-flattering and versatile looks, especially for curvy women. Such ladies can rock plus size dresses especially paired with long boots and a button-down leather jacket. Midi cinched or knotted dresses offer a balance of style and comfort. You can pair your go-to office midis with all sorts of chic staple outwear suitable for office looks. Try pairing a black crew neck dress with a designer bag, comfortable pumps, minimal jewelry, and a simple blazer for the ultimate office chic look.

3. Nail summer attire with skirts:

If there is one clothing piece that working women can always rely on after pants are skirts. If you want to achieve a seamless transitional look for every season, then start pairing your skirts with your go-to office clothes. For instance, skirts are a must for summer business attire, so what’s better than a pencil skirt? These are fantastic when you want to go with a sleek look that doesn’t look too inappropriate or suffocating. We would love to recommend a few looks of pencil and pleated A-line skirts paired with crisp button-down shirts or statement blouses. You can also go for a bold flounce top, appropriate-length crop tops, or your go-to white shirt.

4. Mix traditional and tailored staples:

We are used to thinking that we should keep our casual and professional wardrobes separate. That’s why ladies are afraid to mix and match for office looks. On the contrary, you’ll get perfect office looks by mixing a few traditional and tailored business staples. For instance, you can pair your simpler pieces, such as a casual or an oversized shirt, with khakis, pencil skirts, dress pants, and tailored blazers. Just remember that office looks are about putting business pieces first and casual second, so the star of your outfit should be the business piece. For instance, when wearing dresses to work, ensure that you pair them with subtler pieces like simple heels or pumps and casual jewelry.

5. Say yes to urban cool and check:

The new office fashion is to embrace the urban cool and wear it with confidence. Wearing the same old plain pants and crisp shirts will do nothing for elevating your confidence and attire. You need to add a touch of edginess, such as pairing a strictly professional grey coat with patent oxford shoes, well-fitted loose pants, and a simple V-neck shirt. Another way to incorporate urban cool into your office looks is to go for a check. Let’s face it. The check is everyone’s favorite formal look. Still, you can turn it into a statement look by adding a few stylish touches. For example, instead of going for check shirts and trousers, why not go for a simple check print dress? It offers a sophisticated yet feminine look, especially when paired with nude pumps, a belt, and a light cardigan.

6. Take risks with jumpsuits:

Do you work in a jumpsuit? It may sound like a fashion disaster for business, but it isn’t! It is hard to believe, but you can wear them for casual business looks as well. They are becoming an instant favorite of all working ladies and fashionistas alike. Body-hugging onesies with short-length jackets and strappy heels is a look worth dying for. Jumpsuits are essentially low-maintenance looks where you slip into a casual patterned suit, put on some heels or ankle boots. You are good to go for a day full of meetings. You can accessorize smartly with a jumpsuit, such as going for a thick yet simple belt, statement heels, jacket, and a bag. We recommend choosing a conservative color such as black or tan with a high neckline, black leather heels, a beige blazer or jacket, and simple jewelry.

7. Embrace wide-leg pants:

These are a lifesaver when you have a full day ahead of yourself, as tight clothes will only add stress. Wide-leg pants and palazzos are a staple when it comes to casual office looks. These are so versatile that you can pair them with almost anything. Since wide-leg pants are voluminous, you can balance the proportions by a sleeveless top paired with sandals and a blazer. Wide-leg tailored trousers can polish any outfit even if you choose light hues like beige or white. Pointed flats and loose shirts look incredibly chic with white-leg pants paired with either a side slit crop top or a puff sleeve top with strappy heels.


It is hard to pull off fantastic office looks every day. That’s why it’s best to work on a workwear-friendly wardrobe that can brew casual office outfits without too much effort. We recommend choosing a few business-wear staple pieces which can tie together almost any sort of look. You can go for light-colored blazers, wide-leg pants, statement shoes, and more as a way of alleviating your office looks. Don’t forget to wear your confidence as it is your best piece!

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