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Electronic Signature


An electronic signature, also called an electronic signature, refers to information in digital form, which is signed electronically and that is associated with another electronic information in electronic format, for example, an email, PDA document, CD key or another file. An electronic signature is one of the most important concepts in computer security because without it a person could make lots of mistakes that an ordinary person could not.

For example, signing a check electronically, but having typing errors is very easy for a skilled employee working at the bank. If such an employee were to copy the checks he writes and then print out copies, he could easily make some serious mistakes and the bank would be liable for those.

Different Uses of Electronic Signatures

Online signature is important because many things are done on paper including bills and official documents, however, electronic signatures are commonly used to perform more ordinary tasks such as signing a check. For example, signing a credit card or a lease agreement electronically is one way to legally transfer ownership of the document.

The electronic signing also makes it easier to exchange information legally, without the need of going to physical locations where records are kept, like in a courthouse. In general signing, multiple copies of a legal document is very inefficient and take a long time, but with electronic signatures, it is possible to give multiple electronic signs, each with a different version of the text, to various parties.

Protected from Errors

Electronic documents can also be protected from errors made by electronic signature by using tamper evidence, an encryption layer designed to encrypt all the text of a document so that if someone tries to decipher the document, they would not be able to find anything. For example, the encryption used to protect email signatures uses something like a digital fingerprint to produce the signature of the sender, rather than his actual handwriting.

However, if there is ever a need to open the piece of paper containing the electronic signature and compare it with another electronic signature that is stored elsewhere, it is very likely that someone would be able to match the signatures.

Since electronic signatures are not as private as our signatures on paper, anyone who is able to read the digital signature will be able to read other electronic documents as well, such as tax documents. For this reason, the use of electronic signatures has become a source of much concern, especially in the area of financial transactions.

Online Electronics Signatures Benefits

Using an electronic signature to sign documents has many benefits. However, it is important that users are aware of the privacy problems inherent in this technology. It is easy to defend against these problems by educating users on how to control what information is contained in the signatures. If a person truly knows their privacy rights, they can use a smartcard or other tool to wipe the electronic signature from the signature itself before submitting the document to a provider. This ensures that the document is legally valid.

Online electronics signature information has been around for quite a while. In fact, it was the computer age that brought about this revolution. Before computers, it was common to use signatures with important documents which would then be affixed to bills or pieces of papers. While signatures can still be used in this manner, the advantage of electronic signatures is that they are not only less formal but also much faster and easier to forge. Computer technology has made it possible to create an electronic signature which is essentially a unique code that is stored on a personal computer. Lots of supportive gadgets also available.

This stored code is what the person wants to have affixed to their document. What they are actually doing when they get this information is asking that computer to enact the code that is contained within that signature. The computer is simply acting as though they were actually the original maker of the information and thus verifying that information is indeed true and correct.

This is useful because it means that if for some reason the information is false or no longer needed, then the owner simply needs to get a new signature that states that the current information is untrue and needs to be discarded. It also means that once someone finds out that they have been tricked, they can simply request a new electronic signature from the website or company in question and not worry that they have done anything wrong.

When shopping online, one of the main concerns is making sure that the information that you are providing is secure. This is done through the encrypted codes that are embedded into many electronic forms of signature. Most websites will automatically encrypt any information that is provided including credit card information.

If you have to type in your credit card number yourself, then you will probably want to get the assistance of an encryption service. This way, you can rest easy knowing that even if someone does get your information, it will be unreadable unless you know the password for that site.


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