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Dying Professions You Should Avoid


During the past decade, the entire world has been going through rapid changes. This includes technological innovations, lifestyle changes, and much more. This resulted in a lot of previously striving professions becoming obsolete.

Experts believe that even though they’re still seemingly an active part of our cultures, they’ll fade away in the next couple of years. This means that they’re no longer a smart investment.

A lot of families have gone through downsizing, and a myriad of people have faced the sad fact that their college degree is not applicable anymore due to innovations that can replace an entire profession.

Experts recommend taking up new skills that can save people in these professions from becoming unemployed and can keep their degrees and knowledge relevant and needed in the future.

There are very versatile skills for any job that people can start mulling on, like communication, consulting, product development, and more. Other dying professions even have a list of additional skills that can seemingly save these professionals from being left behind.

Travel Agent

Most people already see this profession fading from our everyday lives. Due to the evolution of technology, everyone is their own travel agent today. And although this decline will be slower than most, experts already see a 12-15% decrease in the need for travel agents.

Most global agencies even feel like a slice of the profession can be saved from extinction, and the dying out of the profession can be avoided. Others believe that there might be an alternative career on the rise for those interested in the profession due to the need for experts in specific types of travel or destinations and events. 


Artificial intelligence has weaseled its way into more professions we know today. From managing positions, through PR, HR, executive positions, and even developing, to writing and designing, these are just some of the careers that have been affected by the evolution of AI.

The bookkeeping profession belongs in this list as well, as sites like Receipt Bank, QuickBooks, and more arise. These applications are able to automatically handle and manage your bank account information and transactions.

People in the bookkeeping business believe that the entire profession will be eliminated within a decade, and they’ll be completely replaced by automated technologies.

And while most statistics support an only 1% drop in the next 5 years, it all depends on the state of technology in that time. And because new and new technological innovations are emerging and evolving on a daily basis, it’s hard to say how much of the profession will live through this major change.

Middle Manager

Middle managers are known for a lot of monotonous, paper-pushing tasks, which are constantly taken over by software like Oracle and Salesforce just to mention a few. So it’s recommended for people in the profession to take up new skills to survive this change.

Skills and degrees that involve communication, client relationships, sales, or product development can benefit middle managers in the future.

IT Support Staff

System and server administration (also known as IT support) was once an essential part of every company in the world. But ever since cloud-based computing became the new norm, the office-based IT profession is becoming less and less relevant in the workforce.

Small businesses and startups are already starting to opt for AI solutions, solely because they’re a cheaper alternative, and they don’t need a physical office to operate.

On one hand, this is eliminating the profession entirely, but on the other hand, new doors are opening for IT experts everywhere. In fact, this has created an opportunity for programmers, freelancers, and system administrators to move to remote, and more profitable platforms.

Overall, IT support is going through a change that will most likely eliminate the office-based position for professionals, but at the same time opening doors towards an evolution of the career that people should take advantage of.

Financial Planner

Once again a profession taken over by AI, financial planners are pushed aside, and apps, robo-advisors, and other algorithms are placed in the limelight. Robo-advisors will most likely be employed by every company in the near future, eliminating a lot of positions.

They will be able to learn and use sophisticated strategies in various fields and capacities, making them a great asset for any organization. But while this means an end of an era, it’s also likely that other opportunities will emerge for financial planner experts.

Postal Worker

Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

Most young adults today don’t even remember the feeling of receiving mail (that wasn’t from a government office).

Because of this, some people are surprised that postal work is still alive today. This is understandable, as, in the past few years, we’ve grown to live with the automation of basically everything around us. And with new innovations showing up in every corner, postal worker positions will be less needed.

In fact, according to the latest statistics, a more than 25% drop can be calculated for the next 5 years, which is a major change for the field. This includes mail carriers, postal workers, and clerks.

With communication and online billing both perfected online, there’s no longer a dire need for postal services in most places. Today, mostly e-commerce businesses and online retailers use postal services, but even they use more complex and international services like USPS, which also allows cheaper solutions in the long run.

Even Amazon is building its own postal network to reduce cost and increase availability over time, so for people who thought Amazon will save the state of traditional postal services, think again.

These are just some of the many professions that should be avoided in the near future. And while some of them do have a sliver of hope left, it’s not recommended to invest in these careers, because it’s unknown where technology will be in 5 or 10 years.

Thankfully, there are other options and new opportunities for those who are already in these professions, and there’s time to prepare for sudden changes to come.

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