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Do I need to learn music theory?

Learn Music Theory


Many people believe that music is a natural talent and you don’t have to take any music lessons for it. Such people also believe that learning music theory is redundant since it doesn’t add any new dimension to your singing and that no theory can teach you music. While it is true that music comes naturally to a lot of people but saying that music theory is redundant isn’t true.

Music Theory – Foundation for any Musician 

Music theory lays the foundation for any musician. It teaches the basics of music to artists. When you start to learn a new language you always start by learning the basic grammar and rules of the language. Similarly, when you start to learn and produce music you need to familiarise yourself with basics like how to read notes and rhythms. Therefore, music theory not only lays your foundation in music it also strengthens your knowledge about different types of music.

Common Language for all Musicians

Other than that, music theory acts as a common language for all musicians. It helps you communicate with other musicians about important points in music more easily. For example, if a cellist says that let’s make the modulation more dramatic, then everyone who is familiar with music theory knows what he/she means. Therefore, it acts as a short-hand for many musicians.

Beneficial for the Music Industry

Music theory is relevant for each and every person who is in the music industry. It enables composers to analyze the work of other composers and develop their own, different styles. It also helps music teachers to read the score and point out incorrect notes. It also allows musicians to try and experiment with new and different music styles, especially those who are in the commercial business of music.

Learning Music Theory 

The idea of studying music theory is not to simply burden musicians with tonnes of theories and lectures, it is to give them a much deeper and holistic view of music. It is to help them widen their horizons and become more versatile. Reading music and memorizing music are two very important things for any musician. Knowledge of music theory makes these tasks easier. Music theory teaches you to read notes and understand chords just like you learn a new word. Over time it makes you a fluent reader.


Musicians perform by retaining and recalling information in their memory. Many young musicians rely mostly on motor memory, which is the most unreliable form of musical memory. This is why when a singer forgets a single note on the stage, he/she completely freezes which derails their entire performance. Music theory teaches you to use harmonic memory to memorize your music which is much more reliable and allows you to store large sections of music and notes by just learning a few chord progressions. It makes you understand the structure of every piece that you plan to perform.

Therefore, music theory is an integral part of your musical journey. It is always better to take up professional music lessons to learn music theory since it is very vast and complex. So, if you are serious about music you should definitely enroll yourself in good music lessons and since Toronto has a wide range to choose from it wouldn’t be a difficult task to find a music lesson which suits you.

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