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Cubicles: Killing Us Slowly


Cubicles were originally designed to set us free but did it just backfire on us? 

They became a physical expression for humanity’s deracination. They confined us, slowly isolated us from the outside world and even disconnected us from our colleagues sitting next to us.

How many of you networked with the person in the cubicle next to you? You did not want to waste time chit-chatting because you had a deadline to meet.

It caged us from the outside world. We have forgotten that there is a life beyond that ugly box. We overlooked that the world outdoors is brimming with possibilities and joy. 

And then came the technology that had put the final nail to the coffin. It gave zillions-of options to connect via the internet or mobile devices, pushing face-to-face encounters almost towards extinction.

But lately, people have started feeling left out. They realized that staying confined inside the cubicles is making them disconnected from their dear ones. 

So, they started finding ways to socialize with the real world and interact with the people they love. They are going for trips with family, trekking with friends, socializing at parties and escape rooms.

Escape Rooms have become an excellent place to network. It has immersive games that keep individuals involved in the game. All can spend quality time with their family and friends.

People are searching for ‘best escape room near me’ for their weekend plans. Individuals from a wide range of ages are coming together to experience immersive games. 

Even employers have understood the seriousness of their employees’ wellbeing. They have started collaborating with escape rooms for team building activities or for corporate events.

Escape room owners have understood that people want an experience that does not involve staring at digital screens. They are coming up with their unique themes and difficult-to-crack codes to enhance the immersiveness of their games. 

These games have mushroomed worldwide gaining popularity among the millennials. Escape rooms like Perth escape room, foxinthebox are some of those who are famous for their games focusing on team-building activities.

Individuals have become more concerned about their life recently. They are trying all the ways possible to live their life to the fullest. Giving time to oneself and to family members are given more priority than anything else in the world. 


Thus, it is high time to realize that we only live once and we shall live with no regrets.

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