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What is the cost of POPM training and Certifications?

Cost of POPM Training & Certifications



Undertaking the best possible certifications in the form of SAFe POPM is a good idea on the behalf of people because this is the perfect opportunity of understanding the in-depth agile development systems at scale along with the competence of the principles. This particular type of concept is very much capable of providing people with a clear idea about the roles, performance and other associated technicalities at the enterprise level without any kind of chaos. This particular course will be covering the in-depth knowledge of agile in terms of the application of procedures in the world of product development along with hands-on sessions.

Being very much clear about the cost related technicalities of the SAFe POPM certification is very much important for people and further, it is vital to note down that companies like Staragile are at the forefront in terms of providing all these kinds of certification systems with the tentative cost of near about Rs.42,000. The company provides weekday and weekend batches to enhance the convenience element of the candidates throughout the process very well so that there is no chance of any kind of doubt and further people will be able to access the live virtual training over here very well as well. In this particular case, it is also very much crucial for people to be clear about the basic course content in the industry so that there is no chance of any kind of chaos.

Following are some of the very basic things which people will be learning in the SAFe POPM certification:

  1. Everybody will be having a good hold over the understanding and application of the products in the product owner and product manager systems
  2. Application of the SAFe lean-agile principles and values by perfectly performing the product order and product manager rules
  3. People will be able to have a good hold over the making of features from epics along with user stories from the features.
  4. People can refine the user stories from the features very well
  5. Everybody can accomplish the program and team backlog very easily without any kind of chaos.
  6. Estimating and forecasting of things will be carried out with a higher level of collaboration in the agile teams over here
  7. Everybody will be able to enjoy the program increments by perfectly understanding and executing the consumer leads
  8. Concerned people will be able to enjoy the continuous delivery pipeline and program increments without any kind of chaos.

Hence, undertaking the POPM certification is a matter of necessity for people so that they will be able to enjoy a very brilliant experience in the whole process without any kind of doubt and further the registration fees in this particular case will be including the following things:

  • PDF document certification
  • Digital page of promoting the certification after online exam clearance
  • One will get a membership to the community platform
  • Connections with other professionals
  • Learning resources support during the membership and the journey systems.

Hence, depending on POPM certification is a good idea on the behalf of people so that everybody will be able to deal with things very successfully.


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