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Check Out The Different Types Of Beds For Every Style

Types Of Beds


While buying a bed, we barely research the options that are available in the market. There are multiple types of bed options available. There are beds with built-in speakers and also beds that can be hung from the ceiling. This article shall elaborate on the different types of beds and frames that would fit in any style. We hope that with this guide we shall be able to help you while you go shopping the next time.

Types of Bed Sizes

While you prepare to purchase the ideal bed, you need to be sure about its style and also the size of the bed. You also need to make sure what size bed you want. Getting the bed of the proper size is also very important for your overall health. If you try sleeping on a bed smaller than you, this could cause you to have severe health complications. Like if you are single, you can go for a twin-size mattress. You can also go for a full-size mattress if you want and have enough space in your room. Read below to understand the difference between twin vs full mattresses.

Full-size mattresses are also known as double bed mattresses. They are slightly bigger than the twin-size mattress. The length of both the twin size and the full-size mattress is 75 inches while the width of the full-size mattress is a bit more than the twin size. The full-size mattress is 54 inches in width while the twin-size mattress is 38 inches in width. The full-size beds are popular among single adults with a kid or a pet.

Some types of Bed Sizes are

  • Twin Bed: Twin beds are the smallest size available with a dimension of about 80 inches long and 38 inches wide. They can save a lot of space in your room and are ideal for single sleepers or growing kids.

  • Twin XL Bed: They are about 5 inches longer than the twin-size beds and are mostly used by the taller teens, those staying in hostels, and also the singles. Their dimension is about 85 inches long and 38 inches wide.
  • Full-Size Bed: Also known as the double beds, the full-size beds are about 53 inches in width and 75 inches in length. This bed is for singles who have a kid or a pet. Growing adults can also use this bed and they can also be placed in the guest rooms.
  • Queen Beds: Their dimensions are almost 60 inches wide and 80 inches long. They are perfect for the single people who want extra space in the bed and also for the couples who like it cozy. They are very much suitable for the master bedrooms.
  • King Beds: King-size beds are the widest size that is available and can comfort both singles and couples. They are customized for the master bedrooms and singles with kids or pets can easily adjust to this bed size.
  • Cal King Beds: They are the biggest possible size that is available and are customized for the sleepers who are more than 6 feet tall. Two people can easily adjust this bed size with ample space for one. But more than two might feel the place is a little crowded.

Different Types of Beds Designs

Since you know the available different bed sizes; you can have an idea of the bed size that you require. After you have selected the bed sizes, you need to look for the bed styles. The manufacturers’ design varied bed styles and sizes owing to the market demand. Some varieties are available like the sofa beds and the storage beds etc. You can choose one decent and cool one among them for yourself.

  • Futon: They are like daybeds and can also be used as a couch. They are mostly used in Japanese households and are designed for smaller rooms and apartments. They can be easily folded and you can place them anywhere in your house.

  • Waterbed: These types of beds are filled with water and have lots of medicinal benefits. They can help in soothing sore muscles and are also good for joints and pains. The water within the beds is said to heal aching points and also relieve pressure.
  • Panel Beds: These beds can support the mattress and also acts as the foundation of a mattress. The bottom of this bed style is being made with wooden panels that help your mattress to last long.
  • Murphy Beds: Also known as the pull-down beds or wall beds, they are ideal for the ones who have less space in their home. These beds can be stored in the wall which can be pulled down when needed. They also have storage space on the sides.

These are some of the popular bed designs that you can opt for depending on your all-around conditions. You can use all types of mattresses in these beds and your desired size. But we would suggest you use either the latex or the hybrid mattress since they have more beneficial qualities. If you consider latex vs hybrid mattresses, then we have mentioned their features in brief.

Latex mattresses are formed from the sap of the rubber tree and are very much supportive and durable. Some of the latex mattresses are mixed with eco-friendly materials and thus is formed the most eco-friendly mattress.

Hybrid mattresses are made from a combination of innerspring and memory foam. They are the newest addition to the market and have much popularity among the users.

Sorting The Right Bed For You

So, it is clear that you have to consider a lot of things before choosing a new bed. With this article, you can understand what type of bed you want for yourself. Next time you think of a purchase, won’t be confused about what type of bed you want to choose. You can follow this article for guidance and reference.



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