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Bike Touring Training & Exercising Tips

Bike Touring Tips


If you plan on embarking on an extended bike tour, you are probably interested in what you should do beforehand to prepare for your ride. Even if you are already in great shape, the change in routine that touring presents your body can be highly straining. Once you find the perfect men’s or women’s hybrid bike for you, you can start training. Here’s how:

Work Up Your Miles

When preparing to bike for longer than you are currently accustomed to, it is natural to work yourself up to the increased mileage you will need to maintain. In order to have enough time, you should start training approximately 12 weeks from your intended departure date. Start with the mileage you are comfortable with and add time as you go. At this stage, it is important not to overwork yourself, so you should only spend three or four days a week riding.

Don’t Neglect Other Forms of Exercise

What kind of bike should I get for exercise? It doesn’t matter, as long as you can stay fit for your tour. When building yourself up, other strength training exercises can significantly help your training regimen. Ascending stairs or lifting weights allows your body to maintain important stabilizing muscles that prevent overuse injuries. You should alternate your endurance days with “sprint” days in which you achieve a higher heart rate than you would while riding.

Ride Hills

If you only train on flat ground, your body will only be prepared for flat rides. As a crucial part of your sprint workouts, you should find the hilliest terrain you can safely ride. Start by sprinting for short periods of time, perhaps a minute or less before breaking. Then extend your sprints into longer segments until you can successfully tackle all the inclines before you. If you live in an area with few hills, you can substitute hills for an elevated heart rate. Using a reliable heart rate monitor, try to ride at a pace that gives your heart the same boost as you would get from an uphill ride.

Ride With Weights

Depending on how you intend to tour, you may or may not need to carry a considerable amount of gear and supplies. Either way, riding with weights can help you accustom yourself to the feeling of riding with supplies. By practicing with somewhat more weight than you plan to take when touring, you will probably feel great as soon as you reduce your load. Weight training is also an excellent simulation for the drag of wind resistance or uphill riding.

A successful bike tour is an impressive undertaking that you will want to talk about for years to come. Before leaving, make sure that you are prepared in every way possible. Always bring safety gear and plentiful repair kits. If you still need a bike for your tour, look for hybrid bikes for men or women online. When you take training seriously before your tour, you can enjoy your ride to the fullest. Remember, make sure to give yourself time to shape up first.

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