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Benefits of Mattress Recycling

Mattress Recycling


Mattress Recycling benefits are so many and the advantages of this process are many. But first let us understand what Mattress Recycling is all about. Mattresses are made of foam rubber, which is an eco-friendly product. The foam rubber is in the form of a sponge and it is mixed with cotton and water before manufacturing it. In the manufacturing process of manufacturing the foam rubber, some by-products called Plastisol and Mesuloplastic come out.


Now we will understand how Mattress Recycling benefits both the environment and you. When you buy mattresses from the retail store, there are foam rubber sheets that come with it. When these mattresses are disposed in a landfill, these foam rubber sheets take a long time to decompose. These waste products are a major cause for environmental pollution around the globe. In fact in some developed countries like US and Canada, if a large number of people throw their used mattresses into a landfill, it results in the closing down of that landfill. If you want to rrecycle your mattress you can contact a service provider in your area. I am from Bay Area, So I can search online and contact any Bay Area mattress recycling services for this recycling purpose.

So in this way, Mattress Recycling benefits both the environment and you. If you are someone who has disposed of your old mattress springs, why don’t you help keep the environment healthy by recycling mattresses and then donating them to a good cause like a charity. When you go for Mattress Recycling, you not only help recycle mattresses but also help keep the environment clean and green. Various Mattress Recycling programs are run by various charitable organizations.

Health Benefits

Amongst all these Mattress Recycling benefits, one benefit is that the mattresses not only help in protecting our health but also protect our environment as well. The mattresses are made of various materials like memory foam, latex, cotton, and plastic. Memory foam mattresses are very comfortable and soft, especially when it comes to sleeping. It provides perfect support to your body and reduces pressure on joints and bones. In addition, when a mattress is disposed off, it is not taking any natural resources away from the landfill.

Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses come with lots of benefits. First of all, they do not wear easily, thus you won’t have to buy new spring all over again. Mattress Recycling helps in protecting our environment because the foam mattress is a biodegradable material and we can reuse the foam and its by products. The mattress is also not harmful for the ecosystem. Therefore, if you are looking for Mattress Recycling benefits, go for memory foam mattress.

Moreover, if you use Mattress Recycling, you not only help in protecting the environment but also help in reducing your electricity bills. Mattress Recycling requires less energy for disposal. Hence, you can save a lot on your electric bill. Even if the mattress is not used now, its by-products will still go into the soil and decompose. In this way, you can be assured that at least some part of the foam that was used in making your mattress will be rendered useless and will be used again.

Increasing Problem of Discarded Mattresses

If you take a closer look at the current scenario, it is evident that there is an increasing problem of discarded mattresses. Most of the old mattresses are disposed of off by the owners and companies because they are finding it difficult to cope up with the increasing number of old mattresses in the landfill. If these mattresses were to remain in the landfill, it would increase the level of air pollution in the landfill. Moreover, most of these old mattresses are made of porous materials like cotton, wool or even silk, which pollute the landfill by releasing toxic gases into the air. These toxic gases can badly contaminate the soil and the ground water, which eventually result in the poisoning of several local aquatic species.

Hence, the best option is to reuse the foam that is produced in mattresses by either cutting it into small pieces or by passing it through furnaces that make the foam softer. The manufacturers of these new mattresses also manufacture special covers for them that are resistant to any sort of wear and tear. Therefore, all you have to do is just to take out the old mattress and give it a new life by repurposing it as another mattress. Mattress Recycling benefits do not stop here but there are several more as it also benefits the environment in the form of lessening of the amount of garbage being dumped into landfills and avoiding the pollution of the air and soil.

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