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Are non-grain raising stains better for wood?


For those who love wood and want to keep it looking new, it can be tempting to use products you have at home. While white vinegar may be great for cleaning your windows, it probably won’t make your wooden furniture shine like brand new.

Stains are an effective way to enhance the natural beauty of your wood. There are many different stains available in the market nowadays, and each is suited for its specific purpose. To know more, research at Justcraftingaround and see which stain is best for your project.

Raising the grain of the wood is not ideal

White vinegar is probably not a good idea for use on your wood because it will raise the grain of the wood. The reaction between vinegar and wood will cause it to become rough and splintery and break more easily. So if you are already concerned about that happening with non-grain raising stains, avoid using vinegar on top of any non-grain raising stain. Non-grain raising (NGR) stains are better because they are good at preserving the wood besides leaving a glossy finish on the wood.

Avoid using chemical cleaners

There are many ways to clean your wood without using chemical cleaners. First, you can use warm water and a soft cloth. This will remove most stains from the surface of your furniture without harming the finish or causing any damage to the underlying material. You can also use a soft bristle brush to aid the cleaning process by gently brushing away loose dirt and dust while giving your furniture a deep cleaning at the same time.

If you want something potent, try using olive oil. Rub the oil into any stain with a damp cloth and then wipe them away. Alternatively, you can pour some oil onto an old rag, then wipe down whatever area has been affected by these liquids. And if everything fails, lemon juice will remove those pesky marks left behind from drinks like tea or coffee.

Different kinds of stains

There are several options if you are looking for a stain that will make your wood look new. One of the most common stains is polyurethane, which is a good choice for outdoor furniture and antiques. Shellac is another option. It is known for its ability to give the wood an elegant shine, and it works well with both light and dark colored woods.

Even though you can read about staining your wood at Justcraftingaround, you can stain your wood with simple things at home. However, there are better ways to get your wood looking its best. Alcohol-based stains are a great way to bring out your wood’s natural texture because they do not cover up the grains and patterns. Moreover, many kinds of stains can be used on wood with a final coat of lacquer for extra protection.


The versatility of NGR stains is unparalleled, which you should use to your advantage to maintain the aesthetics of your décor. They are great in helping moderate various tone imbalances in your wooden fixtures and furniture. You can transform a bold wooden into an exotic dark wood just by altering the appearance with a good quality stain. You can save much money and hassle on your furnishings if you know upkeep.


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