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Are Lutron Shades Worth It

Lutron Shades


Smart technology is becoming more and more common in almost everything we do. Our phones, watches, and computers are all making our lives more comfortable and more convenient. Shouldn’t our homes be keeping up? Smart home technology, like a Lutron lighting system, has revolutionized how we spend our time at home. But many people still wonder: are Lutron shades and other smart home tech really worth it? What are the benefits of integrating your house with Lutron home automation?

By 2022, it’s estimated that over 63 million homes in American will qualify as smart homes. Whether it’s smart lighting, an interconnected entertainment system, home security, or webcams, the odds are becoming increasingly high that your home has some type of innovative technology that makes your life more enjoyable and convenient.

Robot vacuums are fun and high-tech, sure, but have you considered how technology can improve your shades and lighting? Smart shades and blinds, such as those offered by Lutron, give you convenient control and access to the entire lighting system throughout your home.

Are you looking to close all the blinds at night without running through the entire house? Perhaps you want to adjust your shades throughout the day automatically to adapt to natural light? Or maybe you just want to set the perfect mood for a romantic dinner? Whatever your lighting needs might be, Lutron shades can make your life at home more convenient, cost-effective, and enjoyable. Here, we take a look into just a few reasons why Lutron shades are definitely worth the investment.


Americans like to move around. Whether it’s the classic summer road trip or finding a new job, Americans live in more homes throughout their lives than ever before. If this sounds like you, you’ll want to ensure your home retains as much value as possible. By integrating Lutron shades into your home, your resale value will only increase.

Automated shades increase resale value through a combination of modern convenience and the sleek, sophisticated interior design. Some smart home tech appears clunky and just doesn’t seem to fit. Lutron shades are designed to not only blend in with your own overall design, but also to complement your style. Lutron shades make your life easier—and they look good doing it, too.


We know that smart shades make your home more convenient and valuable, but did you know that Lutron shades can also save you money? According to a report by Energy Star, the average American family spends just over 2,000 dollars a year on home utility bills. The majority of this expense comes from heating and cooling costs, which are essential to ensure your home remains comfortable.

However, with Lutron shades, you can cut down on your monthly utility bills by strategically controlling the amount of natural light that comes into your home. Compared to manual lighting systems in commercial buildings, Lutron shades can save up to 60 percent of lighting energy. This is because smart shades allow you to automatically adjust your shades to change with the day’s natural light. Just think about how much energy and money you could be saving with Lutron automated shades in your home.


“Hey, Google, open the living room blinds.” With Lutron home automation, adjusting the lighting in your home can be this easy. Google helps us find almost anything we need online, so why not let it help you out at home, too?

Lutron shades now integrate seamlessly with other smart home devices, such as Google Assistant, to make your home automation system even easier and more convenient. With the sheer number of smart home devices coming onto the market, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Lutron shades focus on efficiency and make your smarter home easier to control by integrating with other devices.


Your home is where you protect your most treasured commodities—not to mention the people you love. Many may not realize this, but smart shades can help make your home safer and secure.

With automated shades, you can automatically open and close your blinds to ensure privacy in any room of your home. This feature is especially useful at night when interior lights can put your house, and your privacy, on full display to the world outside. Smart shades ensure you receive maximum privacy when, and where, you need it.

Lutron shades can also make your home more secure. Even if no one is at home during the day, it’s helpful to keep some blinds at least partially open to make it appear as if someone is there. With automated shades, you can control your blinds (even at work or while on vacation) to fit your daily needs.


The sun’s rays can quickly warm up any room in your house—but did you know that natural light can also damage your furniture? Over time, sun exposure wears down most types of furniture, especially any wood products you might own.

UV rays from the sun eventually fade the wood, leading to permanent discoloration that can lighten or darken the piece of furniture, depending on the type of wood. While using varnish or lacquer helps protect your furniture, smart shades are a practical solution by controlling the amount of natural light that makes it into your home.


Digital technologies have already revolutionized how we work, communicate, and learn about the world—why not let it revolutionize your life at home? From entertainment, security, communication systems, to even robot vacuums, smart home technology allows us to rethink how we interact with our homes.

Including Lutron shades in your smart home is one of the most effective ways to add value to your home. Lutron whole home systems save on energy costs, ensures privacy and security, and simply makes life at home more fun. If you’re curious about how smart blinds can improve your home, consider learning more about Lutron and what their innovative line of products can offer your home.


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