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Are flat pack kitchens any good?



Are flat pack kitchens any good? It’s the sort of question that I began asking myself when I started thinking about remodelling my kitchen. After all, it made sense to me that buying something flat-packed would cost less than something you bought in a shop, and – let’s face it – most of us aren’t experts when it comes to kitchen fitting.

In the 70s they were so notoriously flimsy that they were used on a popular British comedy show called “Fawlty Towers” that featured a character called Manuel, a waiter who spoke unintelligibly, probably because his brain had been zapped by assembling an MFI constructed kitchen. So bad was the quality of MFI kitchens that an ad campaign had to be run in national newspapers advising people how to fit them successfully.

Deciding what type of kitchen you want is going to be your first challenge in the process of upgrading your kitchen. Your choice in style will depend on a number of variables such as space, budget and personal taste. Kaboodle NZ – Flat Pack Kitchens have become a popular choice in recent years among homeowners because they’re an inexpensive way to get the latest styles.

Easy on budget

A flat pack kitchen is a pre-assembled kit of parts which means you don’t have to wait for a carpenter to come and build it for you. It also means that there’s no need for costly remodelling work when the kitchen becomes worn out or is no longer suitable. This can be very useful if you move home from time to time or just want a change. A new kitchen can add a lot of value to a home in this day and age, so if you’re in any way thinking of selling in the near future, then a flat pack kitchen will save you a lot of money when it comes to redecorating your home.

Most flat pack kitchens are very affordable. You need to know what to look for in order to get the most for your money. If you do not shop around, it is easy for you to get ripped off.

Bespoke options

Back in the day, flat pack kitchens were only available by mail order. But nowadays, there are so many options that will fit into restricted spaces like balconies and alcoves, or sit flush to one side of your existing up-stands which can be useful for house extensions.

There are many benefits to customizing your kitchen with flat pack kitchen cabinets. First, it offers you a lot more control over the appearance of your kitchen. You can create a personalized look as if the cabinets were built from scratch, as opposed to buying customized cabinets from a cabinet manufacturer. In addition, you will be able to create a unique layout and design that perfectly fits your space and storage needs.

Easy to assemble

Unfortunately, choosing the wrong cabinets means you’ll be running to IKEA with an assembly instructions leaflet in hand while you curse yourself for not making the right choice. Prior to purchasing your flat pack cabinets you should draw an inventory of the room and determine what you actually need. You may think that you need a dining table and chairs for a kitchen but if there isn’t going to be any movement in this space it might be better to go for a table with built-in benches.

I’m pretty bad at DIY, but thanks to flat pack cabinets I was able to get an amazing bookcase set up in my home. I’ve realised how many people are hesitant to take on this kind of project, simply because they either aren’t sure about the process or don’t know where to begin.


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