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Activating HBO Now Channel Via

How to Active HBO Now Channel Via


Well, it is true that thanks to ever-growing financial stress have a host of other problems that today’s generation is facing. As per observation, financial stress has been a backbone for all stresses. In such a situation, there have been some institutions that tried to mitigate the current civilization’s stress by producing some classic entertainment activities and is the name of one of such efforts. No doubt Hollywood has been a torchbearer in producing some classic and evergreen hits but the propagation of Hollywood’s production has always been thankful for channels such as

The current streaming entertainment market is doubtlessly highly successful. Resultantly, a host of new channels are being launched almost every day from different platforms. Some of them boast of playing great seasons and some are proud of playing premieres of hit movies just to enthrall and captivate the audience.

Ultimate Entertainment

In such a highly competitive environment, there is one channel that has won great acclaim and position among its competitors by producing and playing great shows and that channel is none else but network. Thanks to the fact that has been producing great entertaining shows with a high success rate among its competitors, has been a pristine Home Box Office for quite some time. 


Historical Background

Before we go into further details, let’s discuss the historical background of entertainment in terms of art and literature. Human nature is a mix of so many ingredients. These ingredients include a host of instincts such as it’s love for music, paintings, singing, dancing, and the list goes on. If you venture into insight regarding the thirst of human nature for entertainment, it goes back to the days of Plato and Aristotle.

When Plato, the great philosopher of all times, gave the concept of his Utopia, he openly professed his doctrine of doing away with poets and poetry. He was of the view that poets and poetry go away from reality because while they copy or portray the truth, they mingle it with fiction. Thus, the poets portray reality which carries the element of fiction and hence reality is sidelined or marginalized. Thus poets and all the men of letters had to say farewell to Plato’s Utopia quite unwillingly and very unceremoniously.

The trend continued and none dared challenged the Platonic doctrine of casting away the arts or entertainment till Aristotle took up the challenge posed by his own very affectionate teacher that is, Plato. It was Aristotle who restored the dignity of poets (men of entertainment) through the doctrine of catharsis. His doctrine of Catharsis brought all the entertainment people back to Utopia and since then, their importance and utility have known no boundaries. is the torchbearer of the same caravan in our modern times. 


HBO Now Inception

As per market strategy and thanks to its ever-growing popularity, the HBO network has started its shows via two channels that are, HBO Go and HBO Now. But, the real fact for the launch of the two separate channels is accessibility for its audience. If you are a regular HBO network subscriber, then you got to use the HBO Go app which will help you enjoy the smooth streaming of shows by signing into your subscription account.

But, as a new customer, you are subscribing HBO channel, then the channel will opt for HBO Now app. Despite the novel exception, the program schedule is unchanged that is, the new subscriber can watch the same programs on both the Now and Go apps. Thus, it has become pretty easy for the new subscribers to enjoy just by accessing the channel via the said apps and cherish their most favorite shows.

Before we head for, it seems very logical to discuss some of the prominent features that make one of favorite entertainment channel and Home Office Box for millions of audience. 


HBO Now Salient Feature

  1. If you don’t want to have any cable service, then HBO Now is your only choice because it is one of the best standalone streaming channels currently running in the market.
  2. The channel is confident of its quality products so it offers a 7-day free trial followed by a $14.99 per month subscription to get full access to its shows.
  3. Besides, the Channel bundle offers cover HBO Now shows as well which means buy one, get two.
  4. Also, the bundles are not restricted to one company. Since the channel’s shows services are being provided by so many TV service providers, so the service is great thanks to competition. Thus, you just have to create your account and then enjoy smooth streaming shows by high-class


Famous Shows on HBO now

IN order to capture the highest slot in the market and stay on the top, has been focusing on producing high-class shows only. Always streaming brand new, quality content and original shows, HBO Now has been able to win an exclusive space among the channel watchers. If you don’t have time to choose the best and the quality shows to entertain you during your leisure time, then the following list of HBO Now Channel is going to help you pick some of the best shows that are sure to satisfy your aesthetic taste. 


  • The Wire
  • Band of Brothers
  • Game of Thrones
  • True Detective
  • The Sopranos
  • Rome
  • West world
  • Curb your Enthusiasm
  • Silicon Valley
  • Deadwood
  • Boardwalk Empire
  • The Night of The leftovers
  • Veep
  • The Pacific
  • The Young Pope


Streaming service providers for HBO Now

Since the is one of the best standalone channels in all streaming networks, so you can get the by contacting TV channel providers. It seems to be very logical to provide you with a list of channel providers where you can get the HBO channel by creating your subscription paid account.

  • Comcast infinity
  • Charter
  • Dish
  • Time Warner Cable
  • Optimum
  • ATT U-verse
  • Bright House Networks
  • Verizon FiOS
  • DirecTV


Varieties of shows on

HBO Now is no longer a Channel that feeds on only one hit production and then keeps airing the same hit show over and gain. In line with the taste of its subscribers, always shows the hits that keep enthralling its audience. Thus, it keeps on airing a variety of programs that keep its audience glued to the screens and keeps growing day by day. TV series, Movies, Specials, Kids’ shows, and sports matches are some of the programs to name that you can expect to be relished on

Also, the hit shows are categorized as free episodes, featured movies, Documentaries, All movies and so on. You can get a host of movies under the following category like Drama, Action, Comedy, Family, Latino, Horror-sci-fi, On-demand, Romance and Suspense thriller. Besides, you can have a vivid classification for the latest hits such as classic blockbusters, or trending series being aired on HBO now home menu.


Steps to watch Game of Thrones season 8


At last, the wait for most impatiently and eagerly anticipated Game of Thrones Season 8 series is over. Yea, it is going to start from April 14 to May 19. What you have to do is just tune HBO now Channel and start watching the ever-popular episodes of Game of Thrones.


Subsequent Episodes

The eight-episode schedule has been laid out here and in the near future, you can watch the subsequent episodes on HBO Now. The dates for the subsequent episodes are April 14,21,28, May 5, 12 and 19 accordingly.




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