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8 Reasons To Hire A Magician At Your Birthday Party



Did you ever feel amazed by a magic trick and spend time breaking it down and seeing how magicians do it and how they create such a good illusion that has the entire audience on the edge of their seats?

Whether planning a birthday party, a corporate event, or even your dream wedding, your best bet for guaranteed quality entertainment is a magician. They always make your events memorable and entertain your guests with their remarkable magic tricks. According to recent statistics, magic shows are one of the most popular forms of entertainment today.

Here are 8 reasons why hiring a magician is just what you need for your birthday party to stand out.

  1. An Entertainment Package Like No Else:

Magic is fun to watch, and if the audience isn’t expecting a magician at a party, it increases the surprise element. People love seeing illusions and magic tricks. They leave the audience in awe, and they start wondering what happened was real or not. It keeps them engaged and on the tip of their toes. For example, you have to plan your birthday event, and you are short on time and need to plan everything from decor to catering to entertainment. While decor and catering might be the easier components of the event, entertainment sure is difficult. Your best bet is to hire a magician for the guests because he will keep them entertained and give them a unique experience.

Hiring a magician in this digital age is easy. Suppose you live in downtown London and want to impress your friends at your birthday party, what best entertainer could one choose than a magician. You can easily book a magician, just Google downtown magician London and you will see several results. Go through them and choose the one that suits your need.

  1. Unbelievable Anticipation:

Magicians keep you on the edge of your seats. They know how to put just the right amount of curiosity into the mix to keep you engaged. They excite the crowd; they make the crowd question, “How did that happen?” The audience’s excitement makes the event memorable and lively. There is no yawning or awkward silence. There is a sense of shared enjoyment, and a lively buzz in the air makes everyone happy.

  1. Capturing Memories in Your Camera Rolls:

If you like to capture and document lively events, then a magician is the only one who can make the event full of comical expressions and radiating happiness. They leave the audience amazed, stunned, and even laughing with delight. You can easily see a wide variety of expressions on their faces and the energy in their gait. You can see open-mouthed and wide-eyed astonishment and explosive laughter. These expressions can give you memorable pictures. You can easily capture these candid moments and freeze them forever in photographs for your albums.

  1. No Over The Top Preparation and Stress:

While most entertainers require equipment for their performance and can create stress for the organizers, a magician does not require a lot of things. All they need are their props that they already have access to. They carry them from event to event, and hence it takes away the stress from you to arrange equipment and props for them. Just sit back, let the magician take care of the party, and enjoy the show.

  1. Suitable For Every Age Group:

Everyone loves magic and the mystery element it brings to the table. A magician specializes in engaging everyone in their magic tricks. It doesn’t matter if you’re a senior citizen, a middle-aged person, or a little kid; a magician can lighten up your day. It gives you some time to relax and enjoy yourself.

  1. A Value-Added Entertainer:

Most magicians are great comedians. They can easily have the audience rolling with laughter. Hence, if you hire a magician, you are indirectly hiring two artists, a comedian and a magician. They can keep the crowd energetic and joyful. Who doesn’t want to listen to good jokes to release their stress and live the moment? It will be an amazing experience, no doubt about that.

  1. Acts As A Distraction For Cover Ups:

Most magicians are so remarkable that they can draw all the audience’s attention towards themselves. They engage the people in games and illusions so well that the audience often stops paying heed to their surroundings. It gives the audience something to talk about even after the show. For example, you organized a birthday party, and more guests turned up than expected. You don’t have enough seats or food for them. You can arrange extra seats or food and have that adjusted on the venue when everyone is engrossed in the magician’s show.

  1. Your Very Own Customized Shows:

Most magicians have a wide variety of skills. They can easily customize their acts to meet the event’s needs and the overall ambiance. They can customize their tricks according to the age of your audience, the theme of the party, or the purpose of the event. Amazing isn’t it?

Moreover, many events start slow and make the audience regret their attendance. Having a magician moving in the crowd as just a regular guest helps create an added layer of surprise and charisma to the act. They can be performing small tricks or illusions to lighten up everyone’s moods and initiate a conversation with shy and reticent individuals.


Magic is often so much more than just tricks and illusions. It is a vibe and an energetic interaction. A magician is your sure shot of making your event unforgettable and lively. You can do your research on the best magicians in town and see which type of magician you’re looking for. They could be mentalists, illusionists, close-up magicians, or manipulators. Each has its domain and act that leaves the audience amazed, happy, and socially sated.

Hope we have convinced you to book a magician for your next birthday party, it will be one amazing event in your life that you and your guests will remember for a long period.

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