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8 Amazing Careers for Women Looking to Pursue an Accounting Degree


For a long time, accounting was considered a male-dominated field. However, currently, women are leading in the said field in many parts of the world, including but not limited to the United States of America (USA). It is important to note that almost 59.7% of accountants in the USA are now women.

Accounting happens to be a rewarding and stable career option in the unpredictable job market, which makes it an excellent choice for women. This industry offers abundant career progress opportunities and high-paying jobs.

There are several accounting careers for women that are eyeing to pursue an accounting degree and want to establish a career in this field. So, without further ado, let us get straight into the topic. Here are some careers options women can consider while pursuing an accounting degree.

1. Forensic Accounting

Forensic accounting encompasses all legal methods of investigation. It is divided into two categories: Investigative accounting and litigation support. Forensic accountants deal with lawsuits and utilize quantitative methodologies, including auditing, to rebuild the financial data of a company or a firm to determine whether or not there is a likelihood of fraudulent or criminal conduct. Due to these kinds of interesting professions, the number of people, especially the women in accounting, is increasing rapidly.

2. Tax Accountant

Taxes and death are the only two certainties in life. Every company and individual needs a tax accountant to manage their tax returns professionally so that no problem arises in the future. Tax accountants help companies and individuals stay clear from tax authorities. In layman’s terms, tax accountants are responsible for tax planning and decision-making, in addition to preparing tax returns.

You will need more than just accounting expertise to thrive as a tax accountant; you have to have the persistence and compassion to assist people and the companies, even if you don’t like them.

3. Chief Financial Officer

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is one of the most prestigious accounting jobs globally. It comes with a lot of responsibility and authority. To become a CFO, you need a diverse set of skills, including a strong background in accounting and finance, as well as a proven track record of leadership. This job becomes much more crucial when an organization grows in size. When it comes to money, the CFO is the ultimate decision-maker. This is the position to aspire for if you enjoy a good challenge.

4. Payroll Accountant

Companies with a large number of employees rely heavily on the services of payroll accountants. Payroll reporting and compliance laws apply equally to large and small businesses. Payroll accountants serve as a bridge between the organization, its employees, and the government in this capacity. They are responsible for verifying the accuracy of payroll and tax papers for employees.

Spend some time learning about the organization before applying for a position as a payroll accountant. A thorough investigation of the company’s payroll policies is essential before opting for the position.

Even whether you’re making a career change or starting a new job in accounting, you must research the organization you will be working for.

5. Actuarial Accountant

The other option available to women pursuing accounting is to get a job as an actuarial accountant. Companies and governments turn to actuarial accountants for guidance on risk management and financial stability. They use statistical data and other methods to do their job.

6. Cost Accountant Manager

Cost accountant managers’ primary responsibilities are to analyze and price products based on the production expenses they uncover. Both of these aspects are necessary if a company is to earn a profit. Strong analytical skills and an in-depth understanding of the economic processes that influence prices are essential for these accountants.

7. Internal Auditor

Organizations in various sectors, including government, nonprofits, and the general public, hire internal auditors on a regular basis. Detecting, investigating, and discouraging fraud are the major components of their job. Internal auditors are also responsible for ensuring that the company’s board of directors receives objective advice from their end.

Internal auditors can earn a Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) certification, a highly specialized credential. International recognition and a wide range of job options are two of the primary benefits of earning a CIA certification. A bachelor’s degree, along with a couple of years of professional experience and a passing score on the CIA exam, are all requirements for earning this certification.

8. Environmental Accountant

This is a relatively new field within the accounting industry. They are primarily responsible for calculating regulatory compliance expenses and the environmental impact on company operations. Businesses used to view environmental concerns as a superfluous expense, but now they are more concerned about environmental compliance and ecologically friendly policies.

Without any doubt, this particular profession will be one of the leading and sought-after career choices in the future. As the world is becoming more sensitive towards climate change, the need for people who knows the policies and guidelines of governments and international organizations regarding climate change will become important and prominent.

It is safe to assume that soon companies, firms of all sorts will be obliged to hire more environmental accountants to comply with the climate laws made by governments. Last but not least, it is high time to get yourself enrolled in an environmental accountant degree program.


An accounting career is a gratifying, multi-faceted one that puts you at the heart of the company’s overall success. If you are serious about such a career, you will need to invest extensive time and energy in learning the specialized skills required by the field. As discussed above, women can choose several professions while pursuing an accounting degree; however, always research thoroughly about the field you will be pursuing to ensure it is compatible with your plans and goals.

Additionally, you must attain other important skills such as time management and communication skills to excel in accounting. Seek out training that will help you gain these abilities. The sooner you get started, the better your prospects of getting a job in accounting will be.

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