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7 Reasons Why Customers Prefer Chat Support Services

Chat Support Services


Whenever we deal online on any website, we often encounter doubts and then we find different channels to contact the service provider. The fastest mode which is available these days to get instant help is live chat support services. Live chat has come with the highest level of satisfaction which is 75% whereas the other modes of the channels are 62%. This is the reason why most of the companies provide live support chat services across different media channels like email, social media, and business websites.

Earlier customers were only restricted to phone calls or email services and international customers won’t wait for the email replies or call on the phone number which they find frustrating.  There are several ways to interact but the live chat option offers these customers the effective and easiest way to interact with the company agent. Here are the 7 key benefits of using live support chat services for customers:

Its convenient

Customers always prefer those businesses who offer ‘what’ they want and ‘when’ they want People cannot commute on phone calls while they are traveling or when they are in a noisy area. They can easily chat with the agent in real-time and from anywhere from the public environment. They find live chat convenient due to its real-time support and instant solutions.

It is quick

You must be familiar with the proverb which says “Time is Money”, customers take this more seriously. As a report says that the average time to solve an issue is nearly 11 minutes. Live chat services are ten times faster than other channels in responding to customer’s queries. Customers often get frustrated dealing with the waiting calls while using phone call services. Live Chat support services never let users wait for the reply and get questions answered as soon as they put up their query on the chat.


The user can do other jobs while chatting with the operator. He can still reply to the mails, browse sites, talk to colleagues, and engage in different works while still chatting with the live chat operators.

It is personal

Live support chat services offer human interaction in the digital world. Email services have a professional arena in the world of professionalism that people might not reach. As people find Facebook a free channel to catch people, likewise they find live support chat service as a frank way to chat personally for any sort of inquiries or disputes.

It is cost-free

When you go for phone calls, the agent provides the customer with another contact to call on which it charges additional cost. While giving live chat a priority leads to cost-free and effective interaction with the live chat operators.

24/7 availability

Consumers could have questions at any minute of the hour. This is where live chat services are extremely helpful for customers. They are available for the service at any moment you want them.

More efficient than phone calls

Live chat is the fastest way to reach customers to solve their questions. Customers can easily know how to reach you as compared to the phone calls which is difficult to find. And even if they find one, it becomes complex to connect with agents. Customers find it weird to talk on phone calls. Due to which sometimes the query remains unsolved. Conclusively, live chat came to be the most efficient way for consumers.


So here we have shared the top reasons why customers prefer chat support services to other mediums like email and phone calls. One survey reported that 85% of customers get satisfied with live support chat services while shopping, paying bills, dealing on business websites, etc. Customers have reported that live chat has the highest satisfaction rates as compared to other service channels. 


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