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6 Simple Meditation Techniques To Try When You’re Stressed At Work

Meditation Techniques for stress


Do you find yourself getting exhausted and stressed out at work, and scrolling through my daily horoscope or California psychics reviews to try to figure out when your work situation will become less stressful? If so, you may need to implement meditation into your workday to help take the pressure off.

1. Think About Your Future Goals

Sometimes office stress stems from the endless to-do list filled with daily minutiae that can feel repetitive and fruitless. If this sounds like your situation, you may find focusing on your future goals and reminding yourself of what you’re working towards could help you de-stress. You could even get a California psychics tarot card reading to help re-center on your dreams for the future.

2. Relax Every Muscle To Increase Your Mind-Body Awareness

Stress can lead to muscle tension, which can later potentially lead to physical pain, so soothing your physical symptoms of stress can actually go a long way in relaxing you. If you feel tensed up, try to actively increase your mind-body awareness by breathing deep and relaxing each muscle. You could:

  • Think about each muscle group or part of the body
  • Focus on releasing your body’s physical tension
  • Take this opportunity to appreciate your body and reflect on the positives

3. Take a Short Work Break and Practice Mindful Meditation Quietly

In some cases, sitting at your desk after the stress has started to pile up and hoping the feeling will go away is simply not enough. If your boss permits it, it may be helpful to simply take a short work break to clear your head for a bit. You could spend ten minutes outdoors quietly practicing mindful meditation to get back on track, for instance.

4. Visualize Your Happy Place and Find Positive Imagery

If you’re feeling excess pressure and stress while at work, it’s safe to say the office might not exactly be your “happy place”. However, you can help calm yourself down by using visualization exercises to picture positive imagery and a “happy place” that helps soothe you. Try to:

  • Think of a place you’d love to be at that moment
  • Use beautiful images in photos or on a phone app to help you relax
  • Visualize a scenario that’s personally meaningful to you

5. End Your Workday With a Short Stretching or Yoga Session

After a stressful day at work, the last thing you want is to bring all that stress home with you. Before you head out, try ending your workday with a short session of stretching or yoga to help you transition into a relaxed, post-work mood.

6. Count to Ten and Take Deep Breaths

When all else fails, turn to the power of deep breathing. Try counting to ten to calm down and get into a mindful, reflective mood. Then, take deep breaths until you feel calmer.

It’s not uncommon to feel stressed out while at work, but that doesn’t mean you can’t address the problem right away. The next time you feel your work stress creeping up on you, implement one – or several! – of these six simple meditation techniques to help you relax and get into a healthier state of mind.


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