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6 Mistakes Every Woman Makes When Buying A Cocktail Dress



Whether you’re planning to wear your cocktail dress to a wedding or a gala event, it’s always a good idea to buy cocktail dresses at KOOKAI Australia that fit perfectly. It’s also important to choose the right dress for the occasion. Here are the six common mistakes women make when buying a cocktail dress and how you can avoid them.

  1. Buying A Cocktail Dress That’s Too Big For You

Many women think they can cover up their larger frames by wearing dresses that are too large for them. If you have a curvy body shape, this is not a good idea. A cocktail dress should be fitted at the top and flow freely towards your knees, but not so much that you’ll trip over it. It’s better to wear an appropriate-sized cocktail dress than one that’s too big for you.

  1. Buying A Cocktail Dress That’s Too Short

While showing off your legs is never a bad idea, there are some occasions where it might not be ideal. If you’re wearing your cocktail dress to a formal event such as a black-tie wedding, it’s best to keep the hemline above your knees at all times, and this will ensure that no one is distracted from the bride on her special day.

  1. Making hasty decisions

People fall in love with an outfit or think they do. It’s gorgeous, and it’s slinky and sexy. It’s on sale and in their size, so they buy it. Then they wear it home, get home and look in the mirror at their reflection and lament, “why didn’t I try something else?” This happens because they rushed the decision process. They saw it, loved it instantly, and bought it without trying anything else on first. A cocktail dress is not an impulse buy, and it’s a carefully considered decision that takes time to make right.

  1. Buying the wrong size

If you’ve ever shopped for clothes before, you’ve heard this before: “Don’t worry about what size you wear! Just go by what looks good!” You’ll never hear this advice from a professional fashion consultant or personal shopper because it is terrible advice.

  1. Your figure

You should first understand your own figure type. If your body is big, then you should look for a loose dress that does not emphasize the flaws of your figure. For petite women, it will be better to choose the kind of cocktail dresses that highlight the advantages in their body shape. It is worth remembering that if your breasts are large, then it is better to wear tight dresses with a low neckline and vice versa.

  1. Ruffles and flounces

Avoid ruffles and flounces at all costs. Think of it this way: If you bend over while wearing a dress with ruffles or flounces, people might be able to see up your skirt. Ruffles also tend to get dirty easily and are more difficult to clean than smooth fabrics. If you have to have ruffles or flounces — and many cocktail dresses do come with these embellishments — wear tights underneath so no one can see an accidental flash of skin when you bend over or lean forward.


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