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6 Key Facts Electricians Want Everyone to Know



Most homes today use electricity one way or another. If you experience a power outage, you understand better how much you rely on electricity. Unfortunately, something goes wrong with your electrical system once in a while. It may be a light fixture or changing your wiring in which you will need an expert Nashville electrician to help. All in all, when it comes to electrical matters, you need to learn some key facts, and below are some of them that electricians wish everyone knows.

  1. Look out for any warning indicators

Electricians need everyone to look for any warning indications that suggest there is an electrical system issue. It can be an extremely hot light switch, popping noise from an outlet, a tripping breaker, among many others. Such an electrical issue can signal a big problem, and everyone should take it seriously. Once you contact your electrician, these issues are sort out before they become hazardous. Also, anything you do not understand is a warning sign as well.

  1. Do not tape or hold down a circuit breaker

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The reason a circuit breaker works is that they break the circuit. If your breaker keeps on tripping, it is best to find the issue than taping it down to force the lights back. If you keep on holding it down, it will pop more. Plus, you are putting yourself and your family in a dangerous situation, and you are making the problem worse when you are not rectifying it the right way. For this reason, avoid holding down or taping your circuit breaker, as it is a recipe for disaster.

  1. Know where your DIY stops 

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DIY is best to help you learn a new skill and learn about your home. However, you need to know your DIY limits and boundaries. If you are a newbie, you must work with what is outside the wall. Anything else or any challenge for you, leave it for your electrician to solve. The problem starts when your enthusiasm for electrical DIYs makes you think you have experienced enough to solve any electrical issue. Plus, you will end up burying done work behind the wall that you did poorly.

  1. Black is not always live, and white is not always neutral

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Any home electrical system is large and complicated. Plus, many people may have worked on it, and most may not have had the proper training to follow code. As a result, when you open an electrical outlet, you find a nest of wires, wire nuts, and electrical tape. In such an instance, you can still work on it but do not make assumptions. Importantly, always be careful and use a tester to check if the line is dead before working on it.

  1. Vampire draws are real 

Did you know electrical devices that use remote controls or have standby mode always require a steady stream of power to turn on quickly? Such items will drain dollars out of your wallet. Also, charging devices such as laptop and phone chargers draw power even when not plugged into the device. If you contact your electricians to enquire more about high energy bills, vampire devices are the first potential culprits.

  1. Low voltage doesn’t mean no danger

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Electricians want you to know you need to take basic precautions. You must always treat low voltage as if it was a standard. In this way, you pick best practices that will come in handy when working with high voltage. Notably, the harmful bit is not voltage but current. There are times a low voltage wiring draws a higher current than a safe one.

To sum up, above are some of the things electricians need every person to know. Most of these are cautionary tips, but they should not scare you. It is a way for electricians to encourage homeowners to do simple electrical work. For instance, something simple as checking for any warning signs. Plus, you do not have to be an electrician to work with electricity. If you have the perseverance and patience to learn a new skill, some electrical companies offer training for basic electrical work to those who have the interest.




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