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5 Places Where You Can Find Mold



Did you know mold takes up residence in your home, car, and other places that you have no idea about?

Not only should you acknowledge you have mold when you see it, but when you know where to find it. There are many surprising places that you can find mold, for instance, attics, toothbrush holders, book storage, your children’s toys, among many others. Mold thrives where there is a lot of organic matter and moisture present. Hence it is important to know how best to get rid of it and when to call a mold inspection New York service to remove it. In this article are 5 places where you can find mold.

  1. In Filing Cabinets 

Mold In filing cabinets

If you have a filing cabinet in your home or office, you may have mold. Since paper is made from wood pulp, when it becomes damp, mold will be inevitable in your filing cabinet. Therefore, if you experience high humidity or water damage where your filing cabinets are, it will make your papers damp.

As a result, they will get mold. Unfortunately, papers with mold contamination will damage your files. Thus the best way is to ensure you prevent them from the mold. Because of this, be careful as you store files or other things in attics, basement, and damp boxes. Plus, you can run a dehumidifier in your office or home during the muggy months. 

  1. On your Dishes 

mold on your dishes

Mold can also be present on your dishes if they get the right conditions to thrive. Therefore, if you use a dishwasher to clean your utensils, and you want to save time and money by skipping the drying cycle to speed the dish duty.

This is the first step to invite mold to your dishes. Not only will they get to the dishes, but they will spread through to various places of your kitchen as well. To avoid this, ensure that the dishes are thoroughly dry before you arrange them in a cupboard. Also, if you have a dishwasher that does not have the drying option, do it manually with a dishtowel. If not, you will find mold growing in your stacked plates, cups, and spoons. 

  1. On Carpets and Upholstery 

mold on carpets and upholstery

Did you know that upholstery, drapes, and wall to wall carpets trap a lot of dirt and dust that mold spores feed on?

If you happen to have a plumbing leak or a spill, you even create a perfect environment for mold to thrive. Thus, it is important to lower the risk of mold infestation by washing with mold inhibiting cleaning agents, vacuuming often, and drying upholstery or carpets well after any spill.

This applies to doormats as well, as they scrape grass, mud, and snow off your shoes before you enter the house. That causes it to trap moisture under and in the mat, causing mold spores to grow here as it is a hospitable environment. 

  1. On Ductwork and Plumbing

Ductwork and pipes experience excessive moisture, especially in a place that has humidity levels of more than 60 percent. Fortunately, you can prevent the growth of mold on ductwork and plumbing by reducing the humidity levels inside the room to at least 40 percent.

This is possible by weatherizing your home, running a dehumidifier, and fixing leaks. Optionally, you can consider installing a lighting system that helps to destroy mold spores as the air passes through the ducts in your home.

  1. Ceiling Tiles 

Although many people wonder how ceiling tiles get mold. It happens due to the pipes and ducts that run through space above the ceiling. This area creates a perfect place for mold to thrive as it has dust, moisture, and mold that is already present.

Also, ceiling tiles that are around any HVAC vents are susceptible to mold, because moist and warm air is circulating there constantly. So, ensure you inspect your ceiling tiles often to check problems related to mold.

To conclude, mold in many places in your home or office with perfect conditions to breed. The above areas are some that you find mold easily, and it is best to take action immediately before the mold issue gets out of hand. Optionally you can call a mold inspection service team immediately you spot mold in your home or office area. 


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