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5 evergreen styles and layouts for your dream kitchen



Have you laid the plans with Kaboodle Australia for your dream kitchen? Maybe you already have it designed on paper. Or maybe, you are still trying to figure out what your dream kitchen will look like. Wouldn’t it be great if you could sit back, relax, and watch a movie that has every single kitchen layout that would fit perfectly in your home? Well, that’s what I am here for. I bring you the styles and layouts of some of the most beautiful kitchens I could find on the internet.

  1. Contemporary Kitchen

The creation of contemporary kitchens began with an idealistic idea that kitchens should be open to the whole home rather than separated into a distinct room. Also, they ought to be designed to meet all your requirements for living spaces, dining areas, and even entertainment areas. A contemporary kitchen style comprises features that are user-friendly & pleasing to the eyes. The appliances are highly functional, which takes up less space. The wall cabinets are sleek and can be adjusted to suit your needs according to which you feel comfortable. What’s more, the cabinets are adjustable both vertically and horizontally, which gives you complete scope to arrange your things in a clutter-free manner.

  1. L-Shaped Kitchen

The L-Shaped kitchen, as the name suggests, has an L-shaped design. The shape allows for larger space and much more flexibility in terms of storage and cabinetry. According to feng shui, the natural elements used in the construction of the house should be visually balanced with each other. For instance, if you have wood ceiling panes, be sure to use wooden flooring instead of tiles or stone. In the world of architecture, there are many kinds of layouts. The L-shaped kitchen is one such popular and ideal kitchen layout. The word “L-shaped” in the title refers to the space created in between the two winged sides.

  1. Horseshoe-Shaped Kitchen

The horseshoe-shaped kitchen is an innovative concept that claims to get rid of the “work triangle” by placing the sink, stove and fridge at a 90-degree angle. It sounds like a convenient improvement, right? At first glance, it seems like a great idea. The layout creates a small area in the center, which could be used for breakfast counters or stools and high stools. And the rest of the space is used for cabinets and storage.

  1. Galley kitchen

A galley-type kitchen is a type of kitchen, which is characterized by straight lines and a narrow walkway. The term ‘galley-type’ is derived from the famous ships of the olden days. A galley ship is designed with two masts and only one cabin row on each side of the center aisle. Later, as technology advanced, several kitchens were designed to provide enough space for movement between counters and appliances. Designs of these kitchens evolved with time but were always characterized by straight lines and a narrow hall on which it can be walked through.

  1. Vintage kitchen

If you are into timeless, classic design, then the retro kitchen will be best for you. The kitchens today, especially in homes or restaurants, can be bulky and expensive to maintain. They are not very flexible when it comes to change. Retro kitchens are an effective fusion of old and new styles. They come with a wide range accessories and accessories that make your kitchen a good place to socialize or create a picture perfect memory with friends and family.


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