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4 Reasons to Rent an Apartment in New York City for the Summer Holidays


The best time to rent an apartment in New York City for the July and August summer holidays is during June and early July, when rental competition is lower. However, renting an apartment during the July and August summer holidays is a good idea. The following are reasons to rent an apartment in New York City during these times.

Visit during the summer holidays

In the summer, New York City comes alive. Locals emerge from hibernation and tourists descend on the city. Beaches and patios reopen and frozen drinks flood the menus. And classic summer fare is everywhere. The warm weather makes for a delicious New York food experience. So, why not take advantage of it? 

Benefits of co-living in New York City

One of the greatest benefits of co-living in New York apartments for rent for a summer holiday is the reduced rent, as many traditional tenants have been leaving the city during the summer. Co-living companies, such as Outpost Club, have a large network of buildings with 350 rooms and offer flexible cancellation terms. Many also offer amenities, such as swimming pools and social events, but the main focus is on saving renters money.

Common also helps people develop healthy roommate relationships, and they take care of the most common pain points, including basic cleaning and stocking of toilet paper. In New York City, where the housing market is a bit off-kilter, many young people struggle to find affordable rents. Meanwhile, homebuilding hasn’t kept up with the demand. By letting their roommates share their space, they’ll have more freedom to do what they want.

Tenant protections

The new law added new tenant protections for tenants who leave their apartments before the lease is up. Among the changes is the requirement that landlords try to re-rent their apartments before they go after tenants for the rent they owe. These changes protect tenants from harassment and wrongful eviction and balance landlords’ and tenants’ interests. However, a landlord should be aware of the new tenant protections to avoid unnecessary hassles.

A landlord or apartment manager may break a lease if the tenant is being abused. The tenant must also get a protection order issued by a judge or court, and deliver a written report to the landlord within seven days of vacating the unit. In most cases, the landlord may ask for a copy of a report from a qualified third party, but it must be delivered by hand or by mail.

Great food

The culinary scene in New York City is vibrant, dynamic, and ever-changing. From Michelin-starred restaurants to fusion cuisine, you can find it all here. From gourmet street food to street vendors serving local dishes, the city is brimming with options for the culinary connoisseur. Some of the city’s restaurants have even won James Beard Awards. And there are plenty of great experiences waiting to be had, such as chef’s table dinners and tasting menus. You’ll have to make reservations for some of these attractions, so plan ahead.


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