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4 Reasons To Install A Security Roller Shutter



Security Roller Shutters – these storm shutters come with a number of names – security shutters, burglar shutters, intruder proofing security shutters – no matter what they are called, these types of roller blinds have been developed to enhance the safety and security of your family and possessions.

Security roller shutters are designed with the primary intent of being a security feature for your home. They have been designed to withstand attacks from vehicles, rioters, and robbers of all kinds. In order to attempt to break into a property with a security shutter installed, a thief will have to think twice due to the damage that could potentially occur if they were to ram the shutter into the wall or force it open in any other way.

In this article, I will explain why you should install a Security Roller Shutter from on your home or business premises.

  1. Break-in protection

Shutters are considered one of the most effective security measures for properties. The main reason behind it is that shutters look like they are bolted to the property. This means it would be impossible for someone to break in through a window or door without these security roller shutters. The burglars could only get through itby cutting out all the material holding the shutter.When a would-be intruder sees a security roller shutter on a window or door, they will move on because it makes the property look secure. The burglar will be looking for an easy target, and security planning is one of the main factors in determining which properties get targeted.

  1. A security and light protection

A lot of homeowners believe that a security shutter can only be used to gain a strategic advantage over a potential thief. But a security shutter can also give you a significant amount of control over the amount of light entering your house.

  1. Usability

In retail, retail shops and shopping malls are implementing roller shutters for security reasons. Roller shutters allow the owners to allow access to customers while denying it to other people at the same time. In warehouses, roller shutter doors are often used for allowing better goods handling, faster access, or denial of entry.

The commercial roller shutter door, also known as corrugated plastic, has numerous advantages over its counterpart when it comes to saving costs, allowing for greater control of your warehouse inventory and easy access for your employees when needed.

  1. Technical lookout

The standard speed of opening and closing of roller shutters is 1-100mm per second, the maximum speed of the chain for roller shutters is 300mm per second, and the maximum number of times is less than 5 times a day. The non-standard opening and closing speed are more than 100mm per second, which may cause the chain break.

The standard closing speed of roller shutters is 1000mm per second. The camless rolling shutter system includes only one moving part, i.e., the container itself. Therefore, even when operated by a child, it can be effortlessly opened, closed, or angled at any required angle.


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