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3 Best Orbital Sanders Reviews For You To Make A Better Buying Decision

Best Orbital Sanders


Orbital Sander is a powerful tool that permits users to finish sanding projects. Also, it helps to develop the best surface finish either for metalworking projects or for woodworking projects.

The vibration and rotation make it move in random changing orbits and thereby it is given the name random orbital sander.

Picking up the right orbital sander for your project from different brands and models is not at all an easy task.

If you do not have the right information, but you want to choose the right one, then read out the best Orbital Sanders reviews here to make the right buying decision.

Before stepping ahead, it is better to look at some essential things to consider that will be helpful to you while buying Orbital Sanders.

1- Orbit Speed- It means the number of times the sanding disk orbiting within a minute and it is calculated in (OPM) orbits per minute. Higher is the OPM finest will be the outcome and lower is the OPM, there will be more scratching off the sander.

2- Power Type- Orbital Sander runs with 3 kinds of power sources, namely- pneumatic, electric corded, and battery-powered. The electric corded is right for those working in a limited area. The pneumatic makes use of air compressor for its functioning and are used by the professionals. The battery-operated is helpful when you would like to work farther from the power sources.

powerful Orbital Sanders

3- Power Rating- It allows you to get the idea about its working. The corded models are having a power rating of 2-5 amps, and cordless have 18-20 volts. In it, the high rating results in the best working of the sander.

4- Reliability- Most of the people overlooks the constructed quality and reliability of the orbital sander at the time of shopping. It is essential to look for a sanding machine with a sturdier and excellent built quality to make to be used for a very long time. For example, any power tool construction yields the best outcomes instead of plastic ones.

For reliability, a buyer needs to check the warranty duration of the model of the sanding tool given by the producer. Mostly the model comes with a warranty of 1-2 years. Some may have 3 years warranty to make it work for more time.

Various operational features are there such as variable or fixed speed, disc-size compatibility, motor power, vibration rate, weight, and grip handle that you need to mandatorily keep in mind at the time of making your selection. To help you to find the best one we have piled up the list of some Orbital Sanders. You can look at the product reviews and select the best one for you as per the requirement of your project.


 Best Orbital Sanders Reviews 


Black Decker Orbit Sander

Black Decker Orbit Sander

You can find many typical and reasonably priced power tool offerings from Black Decker is usually offering great value for money to all its users.

Black Decker’s BDERO100 orbital sander is the affordable option out there. In addition to its low costing, you get many features that further result in elevated value for money. This thus makes it to be one of the best alternatives for uses who are on a limited budget.

As it is a corded orbital sander model, the power rating is specified in amps as 2 amps. This product is quite decent for the given cost and more than sufficient for powering a 5” sanding hand.

For the warranty, a buyer will get a warranty of 2 years with average constructed quality.


  • Ergonomic & comfortable grip handle
  • The electric motor power rating of 2amps
  • 2 years of warranty
  • Affordable for budgeted users

Plus points-

  • Easy to use control for trouble-free uses
  • Excellent performance from the motor of 2amp
  • Great value for the money


  • Average constructed quality


Makita Orbit Sander


Makita Orbit Sander

Makita is a well-known brand out there that is well known for making many cordless power tools such as orbital sander.

Makita XOB01Z orbital sander is also listed here as it can also be given importance for buying and particularly if you are looking for a cordless model.  

It is offering excellent constructed quality that you would obviously expect from a premium brand.

The warranty offers are of 3 years, and you can hope to use them easily for a long duration.

Likewise, the other cordless power tools of Makita; an 18-volt battery system also motorize it. It thus permits to have sufficient power for sanding disc of 5”.

But the battery or the charger doesn’t come with this.


  • Offers excellent constructed quality
  • The electric motor power rating of 18 volts
  • Speed is up to 11000 OPM
  • Warranty of 3 years

Plus points-

  • Easy to access controls and adjustments
  • Excellent constructed quality
  • Long warranty
  • The decently powerful battery system


  • It doesn’t include a charger or battery


TackLife Orbit Sander


TackLife Orbit Sander

TackLife is another brand of the power tool out here; it’s offered Orbit Sander has a perfect user rating due to various features it is offering for the give costing.

TackLife PRS01A orbit sander is another affordable option listed herein. Due to its corded design, it is reasonably priced.

Aside from being an affordable and cost-effective product, its corded motor is excellently powerful at the power rating of 3amps. It thus results in an excellent motor speed to 13000 RPM.

Contrasting the other budget power tool alternatives out, TackLife is offering many accessories to its user. A buyer will find a dust collection bag, multiple sanding bags, and so on.

Another best thing about this product is that it provides a warranty for 2 years.


  • 6 variable speed trigger
  • Electric motor power rating is of 3 amps
  • Warranty is of 2 years
  • Affordable option
  • The motor speed rating is 13000 RPM (rounds per minute)

Plus points-

  • It includes many handy accessories
  • Greater value for money
  • Outstanding performance from the motor of 3amps


  • Constructed quality could be better


Summing up

Here we end with knowing all about Orbital Sanders reviews. Now you can make the buying decision according to your needs.


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