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2021 Trends in Home Décor

2021 Trends in Home Décor


The trends and concepts of home décor are always evolving and rarely constant from one year to another. The ideas change depending on the needs of people. 2021 has been an unpredictable and turbulent year, to say the least, and all people are looking for is comfort and familiarity to give them a sense of security. Whether it is furniture or the colors of the wall, a blanket of warmth is what people prefer. The need for functionality has exceeded the need for vanity and people are more inclined to make choices that will engage them and provide a stimulating environment. For example, living room furniture can be colorful and functional.

Take a quick look at what décor trends of 2021.

  • Workplace – Incorporation of a work desk or a workplace has become more of a necessity in the recent past. Having a corner to yourself where you can work and tune your mind to be productive is important. Detaching yourself from distractions can be difficult and a clutter-free space helps you focus. Since work from home and homeschooling the new normal, having an appropriate background is also essential.
  • Nature lovers – Gardening is a deeply satisfying hobby and keeps one invested in something other than work. Tending to plants has a lot of benefits. The pop-up nature looks great in any corner of the house and helps with purifying the air in the house. Planting herbs, spices, and vegetables in your garden can help you quantify progress and be great for peace of mind.
  • Sustainable homes – With more people worrying about their carbon footprint, choosing environmental-friendly options is becoming more important. Garbage segregation, homemade compost, and using bio-degradable materials are trending. Using solar energy to light up the house and power heaters is also an effective way to conserve the environment.
  • Wellness corner – People have realized it is important to focus on mental wellbeing and it is especially difficult to do so with a lot of negativities around. Clean open spaces, minimalistic furniture, and light colours can lead to a peaceful nook in your house that can be used for meditation and yoga.
  • Functionally aesthetic – With restrictions all over the world, most people have had to rely on themselves to ensure the upkeep of the house. Juggling housework with office work can be a task and being confined to the house has taken a toll on everyone. Houses are no longer just about living and spending only a fraction of your day inside. Houses now have to be multi-functional and provide space for exercise, entertainment, and any other need.
  • Small businesses – People are more sensitive about sourcing their furniture and prefer to support small businesses to help them thrive. This ensures a perfect blend of contemporary and traditional aspects. Artwork and furniture from the local regions tell a story of the region and adds the indigenous factor to your home. The lure of the local pieces can transform your house.

Trends are just a guideline and your choices make your house a home!

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