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10 Best Fake Love Quotes for Instagram‎

Fake Love Quotes for Instagram‎


In this article, we are going to share with you the ten best fake love quotes for Instagram. When people fall in love with someone head over heel, it’s hard to find out whether their lover’s affection for them is real or fake. However, it is critical to understand how to tell the difference between genuine and fake love.

A fake love occurs when a person is just concerned with himself/herself. Your lover should be willing to go to tremendous lengths to make you happy and satisfied. True love is unselfish, and if you believe this thing is lacking in your partner, you should think seriously about letting him/her go.

A true lover would never weary of giving you a lot of opportunities to prove your innocence. He/she would never give up on you. True love is also full of humbleness and gentleness. Whereas fake love is also irritable. It does not last, and it does not forgive your flaws and faults. ‎The fake love quotes are going to share with you will help you tell the difference between genuine and fake love. These quotes about fake love can help you move on if you are involved in a fake relationship. ‎

1. Many of us are convinced that when we give love, we recover that love, but it is sometimes an illusion of what we have given them. – Akash B Chandran

This is one of the most natural things that when we love someone we hope that he/she will love us too and in some people’s case this turns out to be true. The reason for is that when they give love to other people and pamper them, the ones on the receiving end realize that you truly care about them and this is why they love you back. But some people does not believe in such things because they are fake. You keep giving them love all your life but you won’t even get an illusion of love from them because they only care about themselves. So watch out for such people.

2. True love is what you feel. You see it and you show it! But false love is just words.

True love can only be seen in people’s actions not just their words. A person may say to your face over and over again that he loves you but his actions will not be the same as his words. Words without action are hollow always remember that. Therefore you should always be on the lookout for the actions of people in your life especially the person you love. Is your partner trying to make you feel special? Is he trying to make you laugh? Is he there when you need him the most? Judge him/her by all his actions and then decide whether his/her love is true or fake.

3. People wear masks of lies to look attractive, so be careful. – Muhammad Saqib

What does a mask do? Well, it hides your true face. Every person has a lot of personas are masks for every different situation. People wear different masks just to make people believe that they are on their side and that they are good human beings. The mask is so attractive that we believe what he or she is saying without realizing what is beneath that mask. This is one of the most dangerous deception so beware of such fake people and their fake love.

4. You cannot hurt anyone you love … and that’s how I know now that you’ve never really loved me. – Jarod Kintz

This quote comes from a person who seems to be heartbroken. He says when you truly love someone you do everything in your power to make that person happy and you avoid all those things that can hurt him or make him feel bad. But if you make other people hurt on purpose then you cannot say that you love that person and you did it all by mistake. Because in true love you never ever hurt the person you love on purpose.

5. Every day, thousands of breaks occur. The reason behind them is simple. One of them is not a true lover of others. – Johann Livens

Well it is a fact that thousands of people go through a heartbreak on a daily basis. There could be many reasons for this but one of the reason is that one of the two was not genuinely in love with the other in the first place. Because when you truly love someone you always try to work make your relationship work. Even if you face troubles and hardships you always try to patch things up. But when a person leaves you at the first sign of trouble it clearly shows that he/she was not truly in love with you.

6. What’s the point of being pretty outdoors when you’re so ugly inside? – Jess C. Scott

In this quote Jesse C. Scott describes the concept of the whole appearance and lifestyle of fake lover. Fake people wear a mask of beauty so that they can fool other people but the truth is that they are very ugly on the inside. They hide their ugliness behind this mask. So Scott advises that people should not just look at their mask, they should try to look inside the person too because this is where they will get to know the truth about them whether they are good or bad.

7. Spend your time with those who love you wholeheartedly, not with those who love you only under certain conditions. – Suzy Kassem

It is the fact that a lot of people will come to your life, some of them will stay with you for a short time, some will stay for a much larger span of time and there will be some who will stay with you forever and will love you unconditionally. If you are surrounded by people who are in your life just to fulfill their own dreams and aspirations and they don’t really care about you. You should get those people out from your life and your sole focus should be on the ones who love you wholeheartedly.

8. False love is worse than true hatred.

This quote is very important for you to learn because it is going to teach you a life changing lesson. When someone hates us, a negative feeling is generated inside us. Sometimes we start hating that person too but the thing is that his/her hatred is out there in the open before our eyes. The thing about fake love is that it is more dangerous than hatred because a percent willfully blinds you from saying the truth that he does not want to be with you. He is just there because he has his own motives to fulfill.

‎9. Fake is the new trend and everyone seems to be in fashion.

This quote is used a lot on social media these days. People use it when they acquire the truth that their partner or their friend has not been truthful to them. They starting thinking that everyone around them is fake. This statement cannot be denied because in today’s world a lot of people are involved in fake relationships. If someone has done the same to you can use this quote on your Instagram to let other people know that fake love is trending these days.

‎10. The problem of relationships today is that people leave loneliness pushing them into the arms of someone they do not even like.

If you open any book of poetry, of any language, you will find out that one of the most recurring theme in poetry is that of loneliness and solitude. People are fed up of their loneliness and they want to be loved. But sometimes loneliness is way better than fake relationships. If you are lonely you are not giving anyone the chance to break your heart or hurt your feelings. But if you enter into a fake relationship just because you can’t handle your loneliness it will be the most stupid decision of your life. Learn to enjoy your loneliness instead of signing up for a fake relationship.


Thank you for reading this post; it is hoped that you have gained a better understanding of the difference between real love and fake love. You must understand that true love is always characterized by respect, support, care, and tenderness from the other person. ‎

Giving your entire life to someone is what it is to be in true love. Even yet, some individuals utilize other people for their own benefit under the guise of love. Fake love is all about self-satisfaction and selfishness.

Not every relationship works out; some individuals adore you, while others just use you and then discard you like a puppet. We realise how tough it is to grasp fake people and their fake love, but if you act on these quotes, they will greatly assist you.


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